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For the record
Muhammad Yakub Karim
Science & Technology
Hackers: Open season on the internet
Nano machines: The tiny giants

Feb 21, 2000

*** "MOST ARE not trendy and don’t purchase merchandise to follow fads or live an extravagant lifestyle."

(Author of The Millionaire Mind, Dr Thomas Stanley, whose exhaustive study concludes that the rich are different only in that they tend to be duller, and for the amount they have in the bank)

*** "TEACHING CHILDREN to be discerning viewers is vital because much of what they watch is intended for adults. Parents must moderate and monitor what kids see . . . In real life things don’t happen the way they do in serials. Problems are not solved in 30 minutes as they are shown on TV."

(A Unicef-supported study suggesting that violence on TV is growing alarmingly and more and more children are getting hooked to it)

*** "THERE ARE thousands of people in prison today who have lower levels of comprehension than he does. If his memory is faulty, there are other ways to arrive at the truth."

(Carlos Slepoy, an Argentinian lawyer representing victims of Latin America’s ‘dirty wars’, rejecting release of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet on medical grounds by the UK)

*** "AS FAR as I am concerned, she wanted to stay here and I will put her in the front room."

(Terry Lee, a 54-year old UK widower, who was prevented by the Dover local council from burying his wife in the back garden changing his mind to have her embalmed instead)

*** "ASIA’S UNDERGROUND banking has been discovered by Western criminals recently . . . The reasons are it is convenient and efficient and it offers a cloak of secrecy based on trust."

(Rick McDonell, head of Asia Pacific Group (APG) on Money Laundering secretariat in Sydney, that world’s criminals are increasingly opting for Asia to launder their dirty cash)

*** "THEY ARE trying hard to drive it into the sub-consciousness of the people that a great victory has been achieved with comparatively small federal losses. But it is all a lie."

(Russian military analyst, retired Col. Alexander I. Zhilin, calling acting President Vladimir Putin’s claim of victory in Grozny as meaningless because the rebel force remains intact and are capable of launching surprise attacks on the Russian troops)

*** "THEY HAVE shamelessly used arguments that were ungrounded. I hope that all those politicians who have insulted Austria and my party will have the courage to make an apology."

(Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider whose Freedom Party is now a junior partner in a new coalition government hitting back at European politicians for criticising him and his party)

*** "TECHNOLOGY HAS changed not only the way people do business. It has also changed the way criminals do business. We are committed to taking steps to make sure e-commerce remains a secure place to do business."

(US Attorney General Janet Reno vowing to track down hackers responsible for a three-day cyber-attacks against some of the most popular websites causing inconvenience to millions of internet users. The Internet vulnerability was blamed for a 258.44 point slide in the Dow Jones average and halting three straight record-high closings for the Nasdaq Composite Index earlier this month)

*** "MADE IN india is not a very good label because we have not been able to establish a hallmark for quality and are basically known as a cut, paste and trim country. That reputation is slowly changing but we still have a long way to go."

(Chairperson of the fashion design department at India’s leading Fashion Institute NIFT saying that despite attracting several leading international designers the Indian fashion industry still faces an image problem)

GN 11.2 p12

*** "IS WINNING the lottery paradise for you? Is fame your paradise? Is that going to cleanse you all of your demons? . . . Paradise to me is a false concept. You learn that happiness is something that comes in fleeting moments, in little moments when you least expect it."

(Moviestar Leonardo DiCaprio on what it’s like to be super famous)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam