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By Syed M. Aslam
Feb 07 - 13, 2000

Suzuki and Toyota have emerged as the top two car producers and sellers in their respective segments of the market in Pakistan. Suzuki entirely dominating the car and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) segment of upto 1000 cc, all its vehicles (800 cc Mehran and 1000 cc Khyber cars; 1000 cc Potohar Jeep, Bolan Van, 1000 cc Ravi Pickup) falls under this category with the exception of 1300 cc Baleno car.

Toyota, on the other hand, enjoy the major share of the 1300-2000 cc segment of the market including 2000 cc diesel cars. It also produces 2400 cc Hilux 4x4 and 4x2 diesel trucks, the only vehicle of its kind manufactured by any auto assembler in Pakistan.

A total of 47,000 passenger cars and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) were produced in Pakistan in 1998-99. This included 38,619 800-2000 cc passenger cars and 1000-2400 cc 8,700 LCVs.

Suzuki has emerged as the leading car producer of Pakistan to completely dominate the small car segment of 800-1000 cc but has also been able to take 19 per cent share of the 1300-2000 cc market.

Toyota, on the other hand, has emerged as the market leader in the big car segment as well as its 2400 cc Hilux 4x4 and 4x2 trucks enjoying over quarter of the LCV niche of the market. It enjoys a leading 54 per cent of the 1300-2000 cc car market.

Suzuki has become a vehicle of choice for most Pakistanis— out of 100 cars and LCVs produced in Pakistan in 1998-99, 69 were Suzukis. On the other hand, 22 out of every 100 cars and LCVs produced in Pakistan in 1998-99 were Toyotas. Of the total 47,320 cars upto 2000 cc and LCVs upto 2400 Toyota Hilux trucks produced in the country in 1998-99, 32,742 or 69 per cent were produced by Suzuki followed by 10,169 or 22 per cent by the Indus Motor, the local assembler of Toyota Corolla cars and Hilux trucks.

Similarly, of the total 38,619 passenger cars of upto 2000 cc produced in the same year, 25,841 or 67 per cent were Suzukis and 8,369 or 22 per cent were various models of Corollas.

Suzuki and Toyota collectively enjoyed the 89 per cent of the 800-2000 cc passenger car market in Pakistan— 67 per cent for Suzuki and 22 per cent for Toyota. The rest of the 11 per cent demand was primarily met by Honda with a negligible contribution from Ghandhara Nissan’s Sunny.

In the Light Commercial Vehicles market of upto 1000 cc Suzuki Potohar Jeep, Bolan Van and Ravi Pickup dominate the market. However, with the production of Hyundai one-ton Shehzore truck in the second half last year the competition is expected to gather momentum in the months to come.

Toyota Hilux truck completely dominates the market in this particular niche of the market.

The Pakistani auto industry is in a state of transition with the entrance of Korean Kia and Hyundai cars and LCVs. The first Kia Classic rolled off its interim assembly plant at Sujawal, District Thatta in the middle of the last month while Hyundai one-ton Shehzore truck is being assembled at the Sindh Engineering plant in Karachi. Both the cars are being produced by the Dewan Farooque Motors Limited which has plans to assemble Hyundai 1000 cc Santro Plus car, Kia Shuma 1600 cc car and 4x4 Kia ‘Spotage’, a sports vehicle by second half this year and in the early part of next year.

With the focus now shifting to the small car segment, Toyota, which now controls majority shares in Daihatsu of Japan, will be introducing 850 cc Daihatsu Cuore car next month. Cuore will be aimed at the small car segment. The Daihatsu assembly plant is located within the premises of Toyota plant at Port Qasim and will have a production capacity of 10,000 units. Daihatsu will be producing 5,000 Cuore cars in the initial year. Cuore cars will be marketed through the established dealership of Toyota.

The Suzuki is also aware of the emerging competition in the small car segment and has drawn up a well planned strategy to maintain its market lead by bringing new models this year.B

Production of Various Models of Suzuki in 1998-99

Model Production


Mehran 800 cc 16,501

Khyber 1000 cc 6,991

Baleno 1300 cc 2,349

Potohar Jeep 1000 cc 622

Bolan Van 4,245

Ravi Pickup 2,034

Total 32742

Source: Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM)

Production of Various Models of Toyota

Model Production


Corollas 8,369

Hilux 4x4 119

Hilux 4x2 1,681

Total 10,169

Source: PAAPAM