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Feb 07, 2000

*** "REALPOLITIK and neutrality in matters of life and death is siding with evil."

(Bosnian co-prime minister, Haris Silajdzic, condemning political neutrality in the face of genocide by the world at large— in Chechnya at present and Bosnia in the recent past)

*** "TORTURE IS ROUTINE in every of India’s 25 states . . . the Indian government has murdered 125,000 Sikhs, 200,000 Christians in Nagaland since 1947 and over 600,000 Muslims in Kashmir since 1988."

(Handbills distributed at demonstration staged by Sikh community outside the Indian High Commission in Central London coinciding with the Republic Day of India on January 26)

*** "IT WOULD seem that globalisation is leading to a few big companies in the world that will dominate various areas of the economy and to us that doesn’t seem too good because ... we are likely to be gobbled up."

(Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad deflecting the opposition’s claim that he did not attend the Davos Forum to avoid criticism for crackdown against democratic rights. He said that he decided not to attend the meeting because he was invited to speak as a keynote speaker which was later changed to be a member of a panel of six or seven people)

*** "I NEVER select a role for its length. I see the depth of the character I am supposed to play."

(Indian actor Om Puri on why he is so meticulously selective about the roles he plays)

*** "THE WHOLE planet submits to the dictat of the multi-nationals ... We won’t investors over-throw the people."

(Anti-globalisation protestors brandishing placards at the demonstration which turned violent in Davos)

*** "BEFORE THIS study, the transmission of TB from a cadaver to an embalmer had never been demonstrated."

(A study published in Boston about the first known case of a living person catching tuberculosis from the dead body of a person who had the disease)

*** "I HAVE no doubt that what I was doing was the correct thing for those patients . . . It took me a year and a half to pluck up the courage to do the first one, but it is probably one of the most satisfying operations I have ever done."

(Dr Robert Smith who amputated healthy leg of two psychologically disturbed patients at their own request at a private hospital in Scotland. The revelation has prompted calls for investigation by Scotland’s health ministry)

*** "WE DO not want to experience the same nightmare ... prostitution, AIDS, drugs, orphaned Amerasians, toxic waste contamination."

(Flores Espras, leading a rally of women protestors outside the US Embassy in Manila against the joint US-Philippines military exercise and the problems that the US forces will bring into the country)

*** "LET US SEE the kind of response we get from the federal government, but we are still enthusiastic about shooting here."

(Indian actress Nandita Das after a mob of Hindu Nationalists belonging to ruling BJP ransacked the set of a new film ‘Water’ which portrays the customs of the 1930s. Top Indian actress Shabana Azmi has shaved her head to give a realistic touch to her role in the film)

*** "TAKE THE BOSSES of the world’s 1,000 largest companies, accounting for four-fifths of world industrial output, and 33 national leaders, including the president of the United States. Assemble them in a secluded Swiss ski resort, and then surround them with gun-toting police. Is it any wonder that the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos this week has become, to some, a sign that there is a global conspiracy perpetrated by the white men in dark suits who run the world’s multinational corporations?"

(The Economist’s article ‘The world’s view of multinationals’ on the general perception that multinationals are more powerful than nation states today)

*** "ONLY IF they agree to follow our leadership and promise not to do any more foolish acts."

(Myanmar’s main ethnic rebel group, Karen National Union, offering shelter to members of God’s Army, a guerilla group led by twin 12-year-old boys which tookover a hospital in Thailand last week)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam