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Special Report

Edited by Syed M. Aslam
Dec 25 - 31, 2000

*** "POWELL'S THREATS DO NOT frighten us and they will not make us bow . . . Let him make threats. Others have done the same before him."

(Commander of Iraq's air defences, General Shaheen Mohammad Yassin, reacting to US Secretary of the state-designate Colin Powell's warning that President Saddam Hussain's days were numbered)

*** "THEY DID NOT PAY the bill. But I have got the address of someone in America I can send the bill to."

(Mike Bell, owner of the London Pub where US President Bill Clinton and his entourage enjoyed a lunch without paying the tab)

*** "I HAVE ALWAYS the distinction of being a Millennium President, the first left-handed president, the first president with a moustache, the first under-graduate and college drop-out president."

(Philippines President Joseph Estrada who is under corruption trial and increased demand for his impeachment)

*** "I HAVE FILED an incomplete asset declaration, but I did not intend to, because I had no reason to conceal my assets."

(Thai prime ministerial hopeful Thaksin Shinawatra admitting he did not declared $ 15 million of assets and insisting that he had simply forget to make the disclosure)


(One of deliveryman for a supermarket chain in New York who won a $ 3 million collective settlement for earning $ 2 an hour instead of federal minimum wage of $ 5.15 per hour)

*** "IN MY 25 YEARS in Congress, I have never seen such an act of injustice. This is an absolute outrage. These are Gestapo-like tactics."

(US Congressman David Bonior demanding the resignation of Attorney General Janet Reno for keeping Palestinian university professor, Al Najjar, without charge in a Jail since 1997 in Florida on 'secret evidence'. He was freed only recently)

*** "TODAY IS THE END of a long personal struggle to stop this abhorrent practice."

(Representative Randy Cunnigham on the clearing of bill by the US Congress which would ban cutting off a shark's fin and throwing the dying fish back into the sea in US territorial waters)

*** "IN MY VIEW their coming to power will be against the national interest of the nation . . . It is the legal course. Let her take the legal course."

(Pakistani administrative head, Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf, commenting on massive corruption during the two-time tenures of former prime ministers Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto ruling out their return to power. Sharif was exiled to Saudi Arabia early this month while Bhutto is in self-exile and is facing a number of corruption trials)


(Dan Dominguez who alongwith Chris Wall on becoming the youngest pilots to circle the earth in 1957 plane 'Dreamcatcher.' Dan and Chris, both 22-year old and both from Texas, finished their 30-country odyssey)

*** "A HONEYMOON alienates a newly-wed couple from the family and filial responsibilities, and creates an impression that family members interfere with their freedom."

(A leaflet published by Indian Hindu nationalist group warning that honeymoons are splitting families and leading to a rise in the number of old people's homes)

*** "INSTEAD OF THE STEREOTYPE OF A CRIMINAL as a Godfather figure who breaks bones, you now have a more sophisticated criminal figure who can hack your computer, influence financial markets around the world, and who can destabilise countries or regions."

(White House National Security Advisor P.J. Crowley speaking at a press conference at the release of 'International Crime Assessment report which expresses concerns at an alarming rise in global crime)

*** "THE ONLY REAL CHOICE for us is to recognise that bipartisanship isn't an option, it's a requirement."

(Minority Leader in the US Senate Tom Daschle, a Democrat, advocating strict party loyalty in the 50-50 breakdown in the incoming Senate despite increased cooperation essential to move ahead on even the simplest of bills)