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Information Technology


Special Report

Dec 25 - 31, 2000

Ghias Khan has done his basic schooling at Karachi. After completing his O' Level from St. Michael's Convent School and A' Level from St. Patrick's High School, joined BBA (Hons) programme at Institute of Business Administration (IBA) . He completed his MBA in 1998 . Ghias started his career with Intel Pakistan as Management Associate. His responsibility was to plan and implement strategies for creating awareness about Information Technology and marketing of computer hardware and networking products based on Intel architecture in Pakistan. Later on he joined Indosuez W. I. I. Carr Securities . He worked in the capacity of financial advisor for various public and private sector companies/projects. At present he is Chief Executive Officer of INBOX BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES the first ever, Intel Premier Provider in Pakistan.

PAGE: How would you like to introduce your company?

Ghias: At present INBOX offers a wide range of locally assembled products qualifying to international standards along with a wide range of networking products. INBOX will soon be launching its own indigenous brand of personal computers based on Intel's building blocks. Although, a number of locally assembled computers are being sold in Pakistan, but the product which we have in mind will be much superior because we will use quality components only as specified by Intel.

Introducing a local brand was not an obsession. Many other vendors are already selling locally assembled computers. I position INBOX competing with both globally known brands and locally assembled units. However, our strategy is, not to compete purely on the basis of price. Computer is an investment not because of its cost but more importantly due to the data being processed and stored. As the population of local area networks is growing and Pakistan is moving towards e-corporations, selection of right type of hardware and software has become critical.

As business entities hardly go for complete automation in one go, they must keep in mind future expansion and integration. INBOX provide turn-key solutions which involves selection of hardware and software and we are certainly better placed to cater to the needs of business entities who wish to achieve the goal of e-corporation.

PAGE: Why did you decide to become Intel Premier Provider?

Ghias: Intel is a leading brand in the world and also believes in facilitating a network of approved dealers/service providers who are capable of providing exceptional customer services and the latest technology. We believe that our association with the world leader in information technology would add value. Therefore, INBOX took the initiative to establish/qualify itself as an Intel Premier Provider. Intel gave us the status after thorough evaluation of our engineers and facilities. INBOX was the first company to acquire this status in Pakistan.

PAGE: What is the advantage of being an Intel Premier Provider?

Ghias: Being an Intel Premier Provider, we have an advantage over other competitors in terms of providing industry-leading technology solutions. Technology solutions and after sales service that we are capable of providing are of excellent quality. We can do this only because our engineers are qualified and also certified by

Intel. They are capable of integrating and supporting
desktops and servers based on Intel architecture. We offer fault tolerant business critical solutions and communication products. These include commercial desktops, laptops, consumer PCs and networking products.

PAGE: How does this programme adds value?

Ghias: Intel premier provider programme is designed to promote an enhanced relationship between Intel and solution providers. An Intel solution provider belongs to Intel e-business network including service providers, system builders, and network integrators. An Intel Premier Provider must have at least two Intel certified engineers. INBOX has four such certified engineers, savvy in platform integration and solution consultancy which includes desktops and servers.

PAGE: What is the growth potential of information technology in Pakistan?

Ghias: According to various industry surveys and reports, Pakistan not only has a very high potential for growth but computer population, number of information technology literates are also growing in geometrical progression. The rate is expected to become higher as the present government has not only realized the importance of information technology but has also provided the necessary incentives. It is worth noting that the younger generation is very keen to acquire excellence in this area.

PAGE: What is your message to PAGE readers?

Ghias: We should try to use information technology in our core industries to enhance production, productivity and competitiveness. As the profitability of core industries improve not only that they will grow but there will also be a higher demand for computer hardware and software in allied and up stream/down stream industries. We must remember that information technology is a tool for improving overall efficiency and it is not an end product.