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!title51.jpg (39420 bytes)Leasing companies have been playing a key role in capital formation in the country. While the economy of the country has registered sluggish performance, the competition in leasing sector has intensified further. The future outlook of the sector is dependent on the revival of the economy but at the same time players have to redefine their strategy.



The unexpected departure of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia took everyone by surprise on Sunday morning of December 10. People from different walks of life expressed mix reactions over his acceptance to ten-year exile. Some were happy over decision of buying freedom against whatever the cost he paid while the shocked supporters called it a betrayal on the part of the exiled leader.

The price tussle between sugarcane growers and the mills was finally resolved after a 15-day suspension of crushing operations in Sindh.
The crushing started again from Sunday when the mills agreed to buy sugarcane at Rs50 per 40 kg. The sugar industry however would pass on the additional cost to the consumers taking the sugar price in retail to Rs29 per kg.

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