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Hamdard University: Clifton Campus

For the record
Ibrahim Masud
Hamdard University: Clifton Campus
Asian Management Institute, Iqra University

Yet another landmark

Jan 31 - Feb 06, 2000

The Clifton Campus, adjacent to the blue waters of the Clifton Beach, yet another milestone of Hamdard University, went into its first academic session from January 28, 2000.

Speaking at a simple yet impressive opening ceremony of the Clifton Campus, Mr. Justice Ajmal Mian, Chancellor of Hamdard University observed that the university is continuously striving to materialize the grand vision of its founder, Hakim Mohammed Said(Shaheed).

Earlier Prof. Col(R) Wali Khan Durrani, Chief Executive Officer City and Clifton Campuses highlighted the outstanding features of Hamdard University and facilities which have been made available to the students, of the courses being introduced at the Clifton Campus. He was confident that the Clifton Campus will serve for the cause of knowledge as a centre of excellence.

In his keynote address, the Chancellor of Hamdard University said that the Business Informatics course has been introduced to cater to the need of Information Technology in various facets of Business Management. Information Technology has transformed the very concept of the Business Management, and current era has converted traditional business practices from experience based to information based. Business organizations are turning to Information Technology not for the purpose of solving isolated problems but to bring out change in organizational system.

It may be pointed out that courses in Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Business Informatics (BS BI) have been designed to equip the students with modern tools and techniques to bring about required level of automation, which is inevitable due to information explosion across the world.

The BS (Honors) in Business Informatics is especially a Morning Program, which consists of 45 courses of 3 credit hours each (i.e. 5 courses per semester), one internship after four semesters and final project in the last (ninth) semester. The students will undergo a comprehensive examination at the conclusion of program. The program is highly structured with no specialization. There will be trimester system. The maximum time to complete the BS Honors in Business Informatics degree is four years.

Justice Ajmal Mian said that Information Technology and business fields have seen an unprecedented transformation from ordinary data processing to electronic business/ commerce. "Our faculty will comprise Information Technology and Business Professionals from the industry as well as young graduates having potential to prove their worth in applying modern Information Technology techniques in solving day to day business problems" he assured. They may be called in the meeting of Steering Committee for the selection and updating the course outline.

The Chancellor said that the very objective of Hamdard University is to change the approach and attitude of the students and to develop them at micro-level so that macro-objective of the nation is achieved.

Quoting to Sir Thomas Percy Nun's saying that " Education is the by-product of purposeful creative activities". The Chancellor observed "We have kept in view the above philosophy while framing curricula of the various disciplines". We also take special care in developing moral and ethical values during the course of learning.

Clifton Campus is an extension of Hamdard University City Campus, he said and added that it will also maintain a high standard of education and friendly and congenial relations between the students and teachers which are the hallmark of Hamdard University.

The Chancellor appreciated the dedicated efforts of the Chief Executive Officer of the city campus and his team for what he called the laudable efforts for maintaining high standard of teaching.

Earlier speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mateen, Dean Faculty of Management Sciences said that before introducing the new courses at the Clifton campus, a team of the professionals had surveyed the market to have a stock of the market demand of knowledge and skill. The course introduced at Clifton Campus, have been designed in the light of the market demand and subject of the Business Administration and Information Technology have been put together to produce graduates having a combination simultaneously of the Information Technology as well as Business Management. Elaborating his point of view Dr.Mateen said that a simple graduate in information technology does not understands other aspects of business management, therefore, the graduates need to have a combination of various skills and knowledge to rise to the occasion in accordance with the demand.

Currently here is a great demand of IT graduates not only abroad but even within the country. In fact a burst of demand for IT professionals has created a vaccum in Pakistan, therefore, production of quality graduates in this field is the responsibility of the educational institutes.

Earlier Ms Anjum Amin Jangda, vice president BASC presented the welcome address.