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For the Record


For the record
Ibrahim Masud
Hamdard University: Clifton Campus
Asian Management Institute, Iqra University

Jan 31, 2000

*** "IF THE Russians continue their aggression against the Chechens, we can not sit like spectators."

(Leader of Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban government, Mulla Mohammad Omar, assuring support to former Chechen President, Zelimkhan Andarbayev, during his recent visit)

*** "I’M GOING to be like dad’s son that he never had. For the first time, I think he can actually see that ‘this is my child.’"

(Laila Ali, the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, on her decision to become a professional boxer)

*** "Development must remove such ‘unfreedoms’ as poverty, tyranny, poor economic and educational opportunities, poor roads, dirty water, treatable diseases and intolerance."

(Dr Michael Mates, a senior consul at US Consulate General Karachi, advocating education for all speaking at a seminar held in the city as the chief guest)

*** "UNTIL THEN not even my wife knew my secret. To everyone else I was just one of many engineers working in the local arms industry."

(Mikhail Kalashinkov, Russian weapons designer and inventor of assault rifle of the same name, recalling how he had to keep his involvement in the project a secret. He was only allowed to reveal his identity after the falling down of the Iron Curtain in Russia)

*** "I HAD SUCCESS but never at the level of the people with whom I was dining and I began to feel that. This book is about redemption . . . and how failure is the greatest learning experience of all time."

(Dominick Dunne, US celebrity writer and one-time Hollywood producer, on his new book, "The way we lived then: Recollectons of a well-known Name dropper")

*** "IF THERE is strong evidence and a legal basis, why not? If a law is broken by a soldier— whether he is a general or from the lower ranks— if there is authentic proof, then why not? We have to be consistent."

(Indonesian Minister of Transport, Agum Gumelar, who is also an in-service general, answering a question if military officials should be tried for human rights abuses)

*** "I WANT to mobilise resources and bring people together so that people at the frontier of technology can actually communicate with those who live in poverty."

(Muhammad Yunus, the founder of world fame Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, advocating advances in information technology to help narrow the economic gap between the developed and developing countries)

*** "WE DO not have any evidence that the Pakistani government was in any way involved."

(US President Bill Clinton rejecting Indian claims that Pakistan had any links with the hijacking of Indian Airlines aircraft last month)

*** "A COMBINATION of the features of Victoria Becham (Posh Spice), Australian singer Kylie Minogue and British TV presenter Carol Vorderman."

(Description of the facial features of the world’s first computer generated newscaster, Ananova, developed by Press Association New Media. The virtual newscaster is capable of delivering real-time on-demand news bulletin over the internet and interactive devices)

*** "FRANCIS, WE’RE coming baby. It’s four days to wake up. Tyson is coming."

(‘Crocodile’, the infamous cheerleader, greeting former undisputed world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, at his training session in London ahead of his January 29 bout with Julius Francis of the UK)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam