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A silent yet significant transformation is taking place in the Pakistani auto industry. The transformation has already started changing the face of competition in the passenger car and light commercial vehicle segments of the market. In coming months it will be spread to 4x4 and commuter vehicle segments. In near future the auto market in Pakistan, particularly cars, would no more be a seller’s market. Indications are it would transform itself into a buyer’s market.


This week we are publishing an exclusive report from Shamim Ahmed Rizvi in Islamabad on "Restructuring the Stock Exchanges" in Pakistan. This also includes the interview of Shamim Ahmed Khan of SECP. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) throughout the year 1999, had been actively persuing the objective of reforming the stock exchanges.

Present government is making all out efforts to expand the tax net and to meet the revenue target of Rs340 billion for the current fiscal has recently announced an amnesty scheme to whiten the tax evaded assets and hidden money by paying 10 per cent tax. Business community has suggested that the bank deposits should also be accepted as white money to expand the tax net.

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