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!title49.jpg (26734 bytes)The policy makers have set a target of 15 per cent export growth rate for the current financial year which seems to be ambitious in view of the output during past 5 years. As a result of good economic decision the sector performed well last year showing an 8.4 per cent growth rate against the target of 10.9 per cent during the year 2000. The projected 15 per cent export growth is certainly ambitious and in sharp contrast to actual outcomes in the last five years, but the attention given by the policy makers to boost traditional exports and encourage non-traditional exports should make a difference.

The Indus River System Authority (IRSA) has warned the provinces and the farmers that for the rabi crop, only twenty five million acre feet of water would be available as against actual requirements of thirty five million acre feet. Describing the present water shortage as being worst in the history, IRSA has not come out with any other solution or plan of action except rationing of available water.

Thirteen prominent personalities belonging to different fields of information technology (IT) were conferred NCR IT excellence award 2000 for rendering outstanding services in their fields at a colourful and well organised function at the convention centre Islamabad. The programme was attended by leading dignitaries and prominent personalities from the government, media and the corporate sector.

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