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Impact of business on society


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Creating awareness at large

Nov 27 - Dec 03, 2000

The subject of business and society has great relevance today especially for developing countries like Pakistan. It has an added dimension for our country because of utter lack of awareness about the role that business sector is expected to play in development and sustenance of a balance between economic activities and the demands of the society.

Realizing the significane of this issue, the students of IBA, MBA Executive Class of 2001, along with their instructor Mr. Ejaz Mian took the initiative of creating awareness at large, about


A society was formed namely "triple E Society". The Society arranged an unprecedented seminar at the IBA City Campus.

A wide spectrum of the topics were covered in the seminar, including Child Labour and Inappropriate Working Conditions, Corporate Values and Ethics, Poverty Alleviation, Humor at Work, and Role of Press in upkeeping and highlighting the interests of the nation.

Among the speakers were former Chief Justice of Pakisan Justice Sajjad Ali Shah; Ms. Shamim Kazmi of All Pakistan Professional Women Association; Mr. Ejaz Mian, an IBA faculty member; Mr. Mahmood Sham Editor the Daily Jang Karachi, Dr. Jamil Hassan Kazmi from University of Karachi and Mr. Zaheer Baig, Head of Retail Marketing at PSO.

Zainab Shaikh of MBA Executive class of 2001 opened the seminar. In her address she enumerated those needs of the society that provoked this class to conduct such an activity that would create awareness and enlightenment about business ethics and moral values; at large. Mr. Ejaz Mian a faculty member at IBA, being the host highlighted the key issues causing depression in the society. He talked about Child Labour, Inappropriate Working Conditions and Bonded Labour.

Mr. Zaheer Baig Head of Retail Marketing at a local petroleum company gave an insight into importance of corporate values, integrity, standards, principals and excellence.

Dr. S. A. Rab of a multinational pharmaceutical company highlighted the importance of Humor at Work.

He was followed by Ms. Shamim Kazmi who gave the audience indepth information about the steps being taken in Pakistan in order to avoid Poverty Alleviation. Revealing the facts and figures she told the audience that 40 per cent women in Pakistan have no access to health facilities. The increasing divide between the rich and the poor and escalating poverty in Pakistan is due to illetracy.

Dr. Jamil Kazmi from University of Karachi discussed impact of industrial pollution. The Former Chief Justice of Pakisan Justice Sajjad Ali Shah discussed the Role of Judiciary in Pakistan and pointed out that constitution is a document in which system of governance is defined. It is made by elected representatives of the nation and thus the constitution of each country is different from that of others. Mr. Mahmood Sham of Jang Group highlighted the role of press for the betterment of society.

Sharjeel Raza the vice president of the "triple E Society" gave the concluding address and the speakers were awarded with plaques of thanks.

This successful seminar was the result of a synergy maintained by the students of MBA III Executive and their instructor Mr. Ejaz Mian at the IBA city campus.

The members of the management committee of this seminar were:

Sharjeel Raza Vice President,
Ather Feroz General Secretary,
Kashif Ali Manager Funds,
Abdul Sattar Manager Protocol,
Aiyaz Mahmood Manager Presentations
Khurram Durrani Manager Speakers
Muhammed Ejaz Chief Organizer
Saeed Ali Baloch Manager Seminar
Shahzad Zaki Manager Operations
Adnan Malik Manager Publications
and Emad Uddin Khwaja Media Manager
along with members media committee Nawsherwan
Naseem Butt
and Dr. Tariq Farooq.