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For The Record




Information Technology 


Edited by Syed M. Aslam
Nov 27 - Dec 03, 2000

*** "THIS IS THE TRAGEDY of war for which peace provides no answer."

(President Bill Clinton shaking hands with one of the maimed young boy who raised the stump of his left arm and his whole right arm to greet him during visit to Vietnam)

*** "THOSE WHO ARE truly concerned about this country have to stand up against US political, economic and cultural influences."

(Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urging the nation to stand strongly against US-style reforms)

*** "WE LOOKED AT everyday objects, batteries, mobile phones, laptops, and decided to integrate their function, sound, power, communications, into clothing."

(Head of Brussels-based research group Starlab, Walter Van De Velde, on the development of integrated computer capabilities into 'intelligent clothing')

*** "I AM A TYPEWRITER MAN. I don't understand how you log on, load down or whatever you do. But I don't need to . . . My philosophy is: Expect very little and you're rarely disappointed."

(Best-selling author Fredrick Forsyth on selling his short stories on the Internet and the uncertainty who his new audience will be)

*** "ALL SHE DID was put a bird out of its misery after it had been shot. She can't see what the fuss is about."

(A royal aide rebuking animal rights activists accusing Queen Elizabeth of promoting cruelty by killing a wounded pheasant with her bare hands during a shooting trip at her estate in Norfolk)

*** "I FEEL FOR THEM. I feel the attack against me and my people and I have something to say. I write it in rhymes and I do it in rap. Some guys burn tyres, some shoot guns this is my way."

(Israeli-Arab rapper Tamer Nafar who attacks Israel in his songs for atrocities against Palestinians)

*** "THE SIMPLEST THING might be for President Clinton to be asked to stay for another four years. But the way things are in the States at the moment, the letter asking him to do that would probably be lost in the post."

(The Mirror London commenting on the US election fiasco)

*** "WHY SHOULD I tell the government whether my house has a bathroom or not? Are they going to tax me for having a bathroom?"

(Chinese computer programmer Liu Wenfang commenting on the inquisitive census forms)

*** "TAP A VIRTUAL POCKET on your hip and your shopping list flashes up on the screen of their PDA."

(Juha Lehikoinen a worker at Nokia Research Centre in Finland on built-in computers in garments made from touch-sensitive fabrics)

*** "YOU WANT UN RESOLUTIONS followed all over the world except one place. When it comes to Israel, everything stops."

(Lawyer and former justice minister of Qatar, Najeb Nuaimi, criticising the US for supporting Israel politically and arming it militarily despite gross atrocities committed against Palestinians)

*** "I CAN HOLD things in both hands and turn the pages of a book. It's brilliant."

(Eleven-year-old Jeremy Driver expressing happiness at successful testing of world's first bionic hand in Nottingham, UK)


(The cover of weekly Time highlighting the looming outcome of the result of US presidential election)

*** "WE THOUGHT A black government would treat us better. We thought we would be welcome, but we are not welcome. They hate us now more than ever."

(Andre Maniraho, a Barundian legal resident of South Africa, accusing the government of persecuting 'too black' Africans. He was hauled off to jail after being told that he was too black to be a South African)

*** "WOODS SHOULD BE ABLE to understand why that company give him so much money. It would take workers here 72,000 years to make that kind of money."

(Thai labour committee official Lek Junya Yumprasert commenting on the $ 100 million endorsement deal between No. 1 golfer in the world, Tiger Woods and sportswear giant Nike which fired 100 employees who staged a demonstration during his stay in Bangkok)