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!title48.jpg (26516 bytes)A number of events, particularly the May Crisis, have changed the complexion of the market. Analysts forecast for another bullish run once Pakistan enters into a long-term funding agreement with the IMF and resolves the IPPs controversy. At the same time they also warn about eroding earnings potential of listed companies due to cost pushed inflation. The cover story includes an interview with chairman KSE, contribution by CDC and the role of brokerage houses in determining direction of the market.


Pakistan, having rich resource potential worth 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and six billion barrels of oil offers attractive prospects for investors. So far, only a small part of these resources and remaining potential should be more than sufficient to challenge the minds of explorers, it is estimated that opportunities worth $10 billion exist in the energy sector of Pakistan.

Much has been done by the present government to encourage the internet use and increase the volume of software exports. Much, however, remains to be done to increase the use of personal computer primarily due to the prohibitive prices to meet the demand which is met entirely through imports. It's time to look beyond internet use to encourage local assembly of PCs and the needed components to bring the prices to an affordable level for the creation of real IT culture in the country.

The coastal cities of Balochistan, despite having enormous potential for investment are not fully exposed to the foreign investments so far. These future export-processing zones can be developed for defence production. These zones should be designed in a manner that availability of all infrastructure facilities required for producing weapons or components were ensured. Ports like Gawadar, Pasni and Ormara have the potential to become the hub of economic activity in this region.

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