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Nov 27 - Dec 03, 2000

Intel: Two new celeron(tm) processors

Intel Corporation unveiled two new Celeron(tm) processors, its fastest processors ever for desktop value PCs. Intel continues its rapid value PC market segment innovation, with seven of its eight new Celeron processors in 2000 based on the company's advanced 0.18-micron manufacturing technology. Products built on this manufacturing process enable greater speeds, higher-volume manufacturing and lower overall production costs. Intel remains the leader in the worldwide value PC market segment, and its Celeron processors are the second-highest selling PC processors in the world behind the Pentium® III processor family. PC manufacturers are now announcing systems based on today's new Celeron 766 and 733 MHz processors, with more system introductions expected within the next 30 days. "For value-minded consumers, systems based on Intel's new Celeron processors offer a great way for holiday shoppers to give the gift of the lnternet at a great price," said Jeff McCrea, director, Intel Desktop Products Group. "These products bring great new technology to consumers and help reinforce Intel's leadership in this market segment worldwide."

Celeron Processor Product Overview:

Intel Celeron processors feature Internet Streaming SIMD extensions — advanced microprocessor instructions which combine with faster CPU speeds to deliver a significant performance boost over previous versions. The processors also feature 128 KB of on-chip level-two cache with a high-bandwidth interface to the processor core. This critical interface is the widest cache communications path in the industry and enables very high throughput of information from the cache memory to the processor core, resulting in faster overall processor performance. Intel Celeron processors are produced using Intel's low-cost FC-PGA (flip-chip pin grid array) packaging and feature a 66 MHz system bus.

New Celeron Processor 733 MHz for Applied Computing Market Segment:

The Celeron processor 733 MHz also will be offered with extended life-cycle support as the latest addition to Intel's line of embedded processors and chipsets. In addition, Intel provides hardware and software support, design tools and development platforms for the applied computing market segment. Broadening support for the processor makes it a practical solution for applied computing developers, which utilize high-performance computer technology in products such as communications equipment, transaction terminals and industrial devices. The new processor is validated with several chipsets for maximum scalability, including the Intel® 815, 815E, 810 and 440BX chipsets.

Cathay Pacific and Tenzing demonstrate inflight e-mail

Cathay Pacific Airways and leading global Internet Service Provider Tenzing Communications announced the successful demonstration of inflight e-mail and Internet technology on a Boeing 747 aircraft. This was the first demonstration of its kind and included sending a text message and a digital photograph. The demonstration was held to trial technologies, which will be used when Cathay Pacific implements inflight e-mail and Intranet service across its fleet next year.

The demonstration took place on one of Cathay Pacific's Boeing 747-400s travelling from Seoul to Hong Kong. The first inflight e-mail was send by Cathay Pacific staff on board to Director and Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen. It read: "We're up here at 35,000 feet enjoying the best service in the world." An inflight photograph was attached. From his office at Hong Kong International Airport, Mr. Chen replied: "Congratulations to all on board! I look forward to the rollout next year when more of our passengers can use this new facility."

Acer Computer's Top Executives Visiting Pakistan

The senior management of the world's third largest computer manufacturer, Acer Computer Ltd. are currently in Pakistan on a short visit.

The outgoing Managing Director of Acer Computer (M.E.) Ltd., Mr. Ralph Tang accompanied by Mr. Eric Tien, his successor, are currently visiting the country, in order to introduce the later to the Pakistani market.

During their visit, they will meet with senior government officials and Acer's channel partners and customers in Pakistan.

Mr. Eric Tien, who is now the Managing Director of Acer Computer (M.E.) Ltd., was previously the vice president of its European operations and Managing Director, Germany. He has been with Acer for the past 8 years and has a wide-ranging experience of the international computer hardware market.

Shaukat Aziz inaugurates FUCHS Lubricants in Pakistan

FUCHS Petrolub, the high-performance German technology-based manufacturers of lubricants for automotive, industrial and specialty applications, announced the formation of their joint venture in Pakistan, at an impressive ceremony attended by trade specialists and leading businessmen of the city.

The Federal Finance Minister, Mr. Shaukat Aziz, was the chief guest at the occasion, and presided over the signing of the joint venture MOU between the Alhamrani Group, FUCHS Petrolub Germany and Nasser Brothers, thus announcing the establishment of a modern and world-class lube oils plant at Port Qasim near Karachi by FUCHS Oil Pakistan Limited.

FUCHS Petrolub of Germany, the world's largest independent lubricants company, and the Alhamrani Group of Saudi Arabia, will jointly invest in the project with Nasser Brothers (Private) Limited, with a first phase project investment of about US $ 15 million.

IBA SoftGrads

SoftGards is an electronic Graduate Directory of MBA MIS 2000 batch. This is an interactive CD-ROM developed by a group of students belonging to the final semester of MBA MIS. In addition to the Graduate profiles this electronic Graduate Directory also includes information related to IBA, courses and course contents taught in MBA MIS, different programs offered by the CCS (Centre for Computer Studies), facilities provided to the students and a visual tour of IBA that is a five minutes video covering both the campuses of the Institute of Business Administration. SoftGrads is developed by Yasar R. Lodi, S. Majid Kazmi and Rehan Ansari.

IBA Seminar

In accordance with the long standing tradition at IBA of keeping the students and the business world abreast with the latest developments in the field of business and market the Executive Students' Forum Seminar Society 2000-2001 arranged a seminar entitled "The Role and Significance of Merchandising in today's Marketing Environment". Mr. Taimur Ali Khan, the Assistant Seminar Secretary who opened the programme provided a brief overview of merchandising and its relevance to business. Amongst the guest speakers, Mr. Ali Haider Merchant provided a comprehensive analysis of merchandising in the current Pakistani business environment. He was followed by Mr. Ayaz Bukhari and Mr. Azhar Aqil both of who commented on the broad perspective of merchandising. Mr. Ali Mustansar and Mr. Ahsen Ahmed followed, both commented on the role of merchandising for multinational companies. Mr. Burger Abdul Qadir Maulvi concluded the seminar on behalf of the Director IBA. The seminar was attended by all the classes of the Executive Students Forum.

World Gold Council

The World Gold Council formally concluded the month-long Gold Hee Gold jewellery shopping festival, at a bumper draw held at KMC Sports Complex in Karachi, recently.

The mega event, which was attended by the families of all the lucky winners, the participating jewellers and the glitterati of the city, started with the renowned stage actor and comedian, Hanif Raja, in the seat as compere. Hanif, with his witty comments and funny antics soon had a mammoth audience of more than 6000 in splits.

The bumper draw for 2 kilos of gold, was conduced by Hanif, and the 2 kilo gold prize was won by an awe struck Muhammad Khan, holder of coupon no. 004285, and a resident of Karachi, who could not believe his luck until he came over, and physically received his prize. Also at the occasion, the 8th lucky winner of the 1 kilo draw, Daniya Rahim, received her prize from the compere, Hanif Raja.

Following the bumper draw were energetic performances by Arshad Mehmood, the Shabana sisters, and Ali Haider, all of whom regaled the audience with their toe tapping beats, and set the tempo for the evening, amidst waves of thunderous applause.

Kodak Surprise Gift Scheme

Recently this year, Kodak Ltd. Pakistan, introduced a unique scheme for the dealers of the local photograph industry. It was teasingly called the Kodak Surprise Gift Scheme.

The 'surprise gifts' were actually a host of expensive gold prizes, given to the dealers through the scheme and distributed under eight different stock-selling categories.

Thanks to the nature and the ultimate success of the scheme, it helped build greater trust and brand-loyalty among the dealers regarding Kodak products. The lucky dealers were later awarded attractive gold prizes at a series of colourful functions held separately in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi.


Askari Commercial Bank Ltd. offers a highly flexible and unique product line aimed at catering to a diverse set of needs in different market segments. The Bank has been very active in the financing of foreign trade business and handled imports, exports business of more than Rs. 40 billion last year. On the corporate and merchant banking side, Askari Bank has recently become quite active and with the commissioning of a new and dedicated Merchant & Corporate Banking Division set-up within the Bank, last year, the business volumes in this area have soared up to Rs. 6 billion.

The Bank offers various deposit schemes, as summarized below:


Product Line


profit Rates


Askari Special Deposit

Rs. 50,000/-to Rs. 499,999/-
Rs. 500,000/-to Rs. 4,999,999/-
Rs. 5,000,000/-to Rs. l9,999,999/-
Rs. 20,000,000/-and above

8.00% p.a.
8.50% p.a.
9.00% p.a.
10.00% p.a.


Askari Faida Account

Rs. 46,000/-to Rs. 499,999/-
Rs. 500,000/-to Rs. 4,999,999/-
Rs. 5,000,000/-and above

9.00% p.a.
10.00% p.a.
l1.00% p.a.


PLS Savings

Upto Rs.l0,000/-
Rs. 10,001/-to Rs. 25,000/-
Rs. 25,001/-and above

2.00% p.a
4.00% p.a.
8.50% p.a.


Notice Deposits

- 7 Days
-30 Days
7.00% p.a
8.00% p.a


Term Deposits

-1 Month
-2 Months
-3 NAonths
-6 Months
9.50% p.a.
9.75% p.a.
10.00% p.a.
l0.50% p.a.


Askari Advantage

-1 Month

9.75% p.a.

* indicative profit rates till December 2000

Recently the Bank has embarked upon a fully structured Retail Banking Business program, in order to cater to this market segment more effectively and in a focused manner. The products which are being offered under this program are categorized in two areas namely, the Investment Products Business and the Asset / Loan Products Business. Recently a new investment product has been launched by the Bank for retail investors under the brand name "Askari Bank's Value Plus". This is a unique investment opportunity, promising greater financial freedom for the depositor. Account is offered in two categories i.e. Savings/checking facility with handsome monthly returns (indicative rate is up to 8.5% p.a. under the PLS rules) and time deposit facility with choice tenors of 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. The time deposit comes with premature partial encashment facility in multiples of Rs. 25,000/-. The partially encashed blocks are also eligible for profit on completed tenor, while the remaining investment can continue with the original maturity and indicative return. The account can be opened with a minimum investment of Rs. 10,000/-. Among value additions are the free ATM card, to be issued in golden color which besides giving nation-wide ATM access to the account holder, can also be used to avail lucrative shopping discounts at selected merchant outlets in major cities of Pakistan. There is an optional insurance cover plan available to the customers of "Askari Bank's Value Plus" account whereby the account holder is insured upto 4 times the average balance in the account for the last completed month, for all sorts of accidental permanent total disabilities and accidental death. The insurance cover is applicable 24-hours and is world wide, at a very nominal premium.

Very soon other products like rupee travelers cheques, personal loans and small business loans shall be added to the above mentioned product line to keep the Retail Banking Program as diverse and flexible as possible. It is important to mention here that the Askari Bank's Master Card facility has already been available to Bank's customers for the last 4 years.