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Politics & Policy

Edited by Syed M. Aslam
Nov 20 - 26, 2000

*** "IF THE WORLD of most refined techniques doesn't reconcile itself with the simple language of nature in a healthy balance, the life of man will run greater risks, of which already we are seeing worrying signs."

(Pope John Paul II urging rigorous scientific and ethical controls to avoid risks to human health from new agricultural biotechnologies)

*** "AMERICA TODAY is a laughing stock of the world. It's the sort of thing you would expect from a banana republic."

(British Tabloid Mirror mocking the election fiasco in the US)

*** "I DID NOT take it seriously. There was a game that required me to choose six digits at random and I did it without any thought. After a few days I received an e-mail that I had won the $ 10 million prize money."

(Mohammad Karim Basha, a reporter at Indian Parliament, on winning $ million lottery prize on the internet)

*** "IF I WAS THE PRIME MINISTER, I would have finished the accountability process within a month because everybody knew the corrupt people."

(Cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan, commenting on the slow pace of accountability in Pakistan)

*** "YOU'RE LOOKING at the most nervous father in the entire world, not just the US or Spain."

(Former president and father of US presidential hopeful George W. Bush, George Bush, on the drawn-out confusion surrounding the outcome of last week's election)

*** "THE AMERICANS WERE AT FAULT here but we do not expect him to apologize, it is better to make up for what happened by action."

(Lieutenant-General Xuan Vinh Vu commenting on President Bill Clinton's visit to Hanoi and US' role in the Vietnam war)

*** "THEY SHOT ME. But is your life any better?"

(Posters depicting smiling face of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who was summarily executed in 1989, during elections this month)

*** "BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY it might be your son, your daughter or your loved one who needs a transplant."

(Heart transplant recipient Robert Moss donating his replaced heart to the London Science Museum which is prominently displayed to encourage organ donations)

*** "SUCH IS THE DIRE STATE of Muslim countries that we are unable to respond effectively to the challenge posed by the cowardly acts of Israel. Surely we can do something about it?"

(Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad slamming the Muslim world at the Organisation of Islamic Conference summit for its failure to act against Israel for killing unarmed Palestinians)

*** "IF THIS HAD OCCURRED in one of our countries, they would have already sent an OAS [Organisation of American States] commission."

(An unnamed Latin American ambassador to Washington commenting on dragging quagmire surrounding the outcome of US presidential elections)

*** "IF HE GETS a few more flights to Baghdad and statements of support from Islamic countries, so what? The bottom line is we control the money."

(Unnamed Western diplomat playing-down international and Muslim support for and increasing defiance of economic sanctions against Iraq and its strongman Saddam Hussain)

*** "WOULD YOU GO TO PRISON for $100 a day?"

(Law professor of California Western University Justin Brooks commenting on signing of a law by the state Governor Gray Davis to pay innocent men and women $ 100 for every day spent in prison)

*** "IF WE CAN CONTRIBUTE to India's ecological well-being by establishing the country's first captive vulture breeding centre we will be proud citizens and happy Parsis. It's a win-win situation."

(Dinshaw Mehta, trustee of 76,000-strong Zoroastrian community of Mumbai, announcing plans to save the fast receding population of flesh-eating vulture necessary for disposing of the dead, a religious rite)