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Pakistan market is swiftly entering the 'Digital Era'

Nov 13 - 19, 2000

Sony Pakistan announced the introduction of Sony's FD Trinitron WEGA range of colour television models that are assembled in Pakistan. FD Trinitron WEGA is the standard among flat screen televisions and has been made possible by Sony's proprietary FD Trinitron picture tube technology. This truly flat screen TV offers images that are of minimal reflection and distortion, giving the viewer maximum picture quality.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Consul General of Japan, Kazumi Dekiba, said that Japan was one of the leading foreign investors in Pakistan. Japanese direct investment in Pakistan is mainly in the fields of electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical and energy sectors. "At present, Pakistan's economy is not in a good position because of pressures on its foreign currency reserves and suspension of some parts of international aid. I believe this is a temporary setback and soon things will be back to normal, based upon strong potential of Pakistan's capability in Hi-tech electronics industry especially in information technology in the long run", he added.

Haruyasu Nagata, Managing Director of Sony Pakistan, said, "We see tremendous potential for Sony products in Pakistan and I am happy to inform you that our operations here have been very successful. Our locally made Trinitron televisions have been very well received by the customers as well. Today, we are happy to announce production of the trend setting flat screen FD Trinitron WEGA colour televisions in Pakistan. We consider this as another important milestone for Sony in Pakistan."

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the Government of Pakistan for encouraging us to expand our operations in Pakistan, and to the Board of Investment and Central Board of Revenue, for co-operating with us in our operations. I would also like to express sincere appreciation to our partner in this operation, PEL-Daewoo headed by Naseem Saigol", he added.

Satoshi Chihara, Deputy Managing Director of Sony Pakistan, said, "Through my past ten months experience in Pakistan, I am convinced that this market is sophisticated and consumers buying power potential is huge. The Pakistan market is swiftly entering the Digital Era. Therefore, Sony will introduce more high technology products and the start of assembly of FD Trinitron WEGA televisions is in this direction."

"Sony Pakistan's assembly facility follows the strictest guidelines and complies with Sony's international quality standards. We have imported very high technology machinery and have very qualified engineers. We at Sony are very proud of maintaining the same quality standards in our products wherever they are manufactured or assembled, he assured.

Sony adopts the same quality control procedures and manufacturing practices in the factory in Hattar Industrial Estate, Haripur, as it does in all its manufacturing facilities in other countries, Including Japan. Sony's colour television manufacturing facility occupies 50,000 sq. ft. of space and employs 150 local personnel .

High-technology machines are used for inserting chip components and advanced computers for picture quality control. The operations are supervised and controlled by highly-qualified and well-trained Sony engineers. This is to ensure that these locally made televisions are at par with Sony's internationally renowned quality standards. This factory also manufactures Sony's regular range of Trinitron colour Televisions and has been in operation since July 1999.

The FD Trinitron WEGA delivers distortion-free and high resolution image for high quality programming based on High Definition and Digital Television Broadcast, Digital Video Cameras and Digital Versatile Discs . Sony has re-engineered every aspect of its award-winning Trinitron technology to make this cutting edge product possible.

A fine -pitched, high-tension Aperture Grille is incorporated in FD Trinitron WEGA to achieve vertical and horizontal flatness of the screen. The new high-focus electron gun contributes to sharper and clearer pictures. A large diameter, high-precision deflection yoke ensures consistent distortion-free image and excellent colour reproduction from corner to corner. No picture distortion, no ambient light reflection, and natural-looking pictures from any angle ensure unprecedented high level of viewing comfort for the WEGA viewers.