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The policy statement of the GoP regarding development of IT in the country is very encouraging

Nov 13 - 19, 2000

Jimmy Yam serves as Managing Director South Asia and the Developing Markets Group for Dell Computer Corporation, Asia Pacific. In this position, Jimmy leads and drives Dell's business through distributor partnership in emerging markets. He brings with him over 15 years of valuable finance and marketing experience in the Asia Pacific IT industry to Dell. Most recently, he was Director and Controller for Dell Asia. Prior to joining Dell, Jimmy held various senior positions at IBM, Pepsi, and ICI Paints. He holds an Accountancy degree from the National University of Singapore. Jimmy recently visited Pakistan. Availing this opportunity, PAGE discussed Dell's strategy and focus on Pakistan. Following are the excerpts from an exclusive interview.

Dell Computer Corporation was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, the computer industry's longest tenured chief executive officer. His concept was simple: by directly delivering PCs custom-built to specific customer orders, Dell could most effectively and efficiently understand and respond to customer needs. Today, Dell is the world's leading direct computer systems company and a premier supplier of technology for the internet infrastructure. The Company ranks number 56 on the Fortune 500, number 154 on the Fortune Global 500 and number 3 on the Fortune 'most admired' list of companies.

Dell designs, develops, manufactures, markets, services and supports a full range of personal computer systems ranging from notebooks to workstations. Each and every system it delivers is custom-built to a customer's unique requirements. Through its pioneering 'direct business model', Dell has fostered direct relationship with large multinational corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, medium and small businesses, and individuals. Dell was also the first PC provider to offer customers direct toll-free technical support by phone and the next-day on-site service programmes that are now the industry standard.

Dell once again leads the industry using the internet to further evolve its direct business model. Dell led commercial migration to the internet, by launching its website in 1994 and adding e-commerce capability in 1996. Today, Dell operates the highest volume internet commerce in the world based on Microsoft Corporation's Window NT operating system. The site accounts for about 50 per cent of Dell's overall revenue.

Dell has served business, governments, large corporations and individuals in Asia Pacific since the early 1990s. Dell entered Asia Pacific in select markets and began investing in regional facilities, and management services and technical personnel in 1993, with its first operations in Japan and Australia. Currently it has direct sales operations in 13 markets in the region. In addition its distributors serve another 26 countries.

At the heart of Dell's Asia Pacific operations is the Asia Pacific Customer Centre in Penang, Malaysia. The manufacturing facility opened in October 1995 and received ISO-9002 certification in July 1996 and ISO-14001 certification in November 1999. To keep up with demand in China, Dell established the China Customer Centre in August 1998. The Centre received ISO-9002 certification in June 1999 and ISO-14002 certification in September 2000.

First year revenues (May 1984 to January 1985) were US$ 6.2 million and the revenues for the last year ending July 28, 2000 were US$ 28.5 billion. Net income for the fiscal year totalled US$ 1.9 billion up 27 per cent over the previous year. Revenue by geographic regions for the year were: Americas (73%), Europe (19%) and Asia Pacific (8%). Revenue by product line for the year were: Desktops (51%), Portables (30%) and Enterprise (19%).

The policy statement of the GoP regarding development of IT in the country is very encouraging. The presence of a large number of computer literates and professionals indicates tremendous market potential. However, we are aiming the corporate clients. I would not like to commit on the numbers or volume of sales but Dell would follow the strategy of adding value and numbers will automatically increase. We have a network of distributors in Pakistan through which Dell is promoting its products. Any product which is launched/introduced in the US market is also made available in Pakistan simultaneously.

Dell technology Consulting can provide implementation services to assist customers with technology and systems recommendations for their specific environments. Dell offers services that include planning, consulting, implementation and performance optimization, as well as training programmes designed to get customers up-and-running quickly with their Dell systems.