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Edited by Syed M. Aslam
Nov 13 - 19, 2000

*** "THERE ARE MORE DOGS that need blood than there are dogs to give it. We just can't keep up."

(Director of The Animal Blood Bank in California, Pat Kaufman, talking of acute nationwide shortage of blood-donor dogs and cats)

*** "MONDAY AND FRIDAY were ruled out as the first and last days of the workweek. The weekend [Saturday and Sunday] was impractical . . . Thursday was 'politically incorrect' because that was the day elections were held in Britain, the former colonial power. That left only Tuesday and Wednesday."

(Historian Bruce Wetterau explaining why US presidential elections have been held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November since 1845)

*** "I DON'T WANT ENGLISH to roll over the world like a steamroller, crushing the richness of languages."

(Interior Minister Ruth Dreifuss of Switzerland; which has four national languages German, French, Italian and descendent of Latin, Romansch; on academic debate to make English a second language)

*** "THEY KNOW what they have to do, when, how, and where they have to do it. They have a right to do it. They have a right to defend themselves from Israeli aggressions, to protect their lands, always, at any time."

(The spiritual guide of the radical Palestinian resistance group Hamas reiterating that peace is only possible if Israel withdrew from all the Arab territory occupied since 1967)

*** "AN ESTIMATED 100 million Americans are expected to stay away from the presidential polls including 40 per cent who said that they were 'disgusted' with election politics."

(Results of a poll conducted by Washington Post for the Harvard University Non-Voters Project showing that half of 200 eligible voters will stay from US presidential elections)

*** "IT TAKE UP TO 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat, but only one to wear it."

(A poster designed by Animal rights group in London's fashionable Bond Street picturing a lady wearing a fur coat leaving behind a bright red trail symbolising blood)

*** "IN THIS HOUR OF TRIAL for our Palestinian brothers . . . boycotting companies and products of countries which support Israel is the only thing we could do to express our solidarity with Palestinians."

(Letters circulated in many Arab countries urging people to boycott American and British companies and their products)

*** "THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN. It has dawned on everyone that the immorality of the leadership cannot be tolerated."

(Former defence secretary of Philippines Renato de Villa demanding impeachment of President Estrada on corruption charges)

*** "THE CANDIDATE with the most royal blood has always been the victory. Mr Bush has always been the victor. Mr Bush has twice as many royal connections as Mr Gore."

(Genealogists predicting Republican George W. Bush winning the US presidential elections because more royal blood in his veins by being closely related to every European monarch on and off the throne including being the 13th cousin of Britain's Queen Mother)

*** "LET BYGONES BE BYGONES. All pending cases against politicians and bureaucrats and people belonging to other walks of life should be dropped."

(Member of suspended National Assembly, Mian Abdul Waheed, brazenly asking the government to declare a general amnesty for crimes committed in the past and advocating that accountability should be restricted to offences made in future)

*** "IT'S NOT THE POLITICAL PARTIES but the multinationals and the lobbies, especially the Zionist lobby, which make American policy."

(Iranian state Radio saying the US presidential elections make no difference as the nation's policies are set by special-interest groups particularly the Zionist lobby)