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Edited by Syed M. Aslam
Nov 06 - 12, 2000

*** "FOR THE U.S. CONGRESS, which is more Zionist than the Zionists, Israel is the victim; the Palestinian people the tormentor; the Israeli settlers are angels; while Palestinian children are murderers."

(Syria's ruling Baath party accusing the US presidential candidates and its whole establishment, in power or opposition, for supporting Israel to cover up its crimes and financing its war)

*** "WE ARE FED UP with being treated like black marketeers . . . We have allowed our sovereignty to be limited far too long. It is time to dust off the treaties that link us to France."

(The hereditary head of tiny but rich French principality of Monaco, Prince Rainier III, threatening of break away over money-laundering accusations)

*** "I CAN'T BELIEVE how easy it is to join the register . . . she explained to me the process and if I can help save somebody's life that easily, then count me in."

(British pop icon Robbie Williams offering to donate his bone marrow to save the life of a fan needing a transplant)

*** "WITH THIS TAX CUT, we return some 30 million Swiss francs to our taxpayers, because it is not our objective to hoard up money."

(Officials of Swiss town of Freienbach announcing return of unused taxes due to its inability about what to do with all its money)

*** "WE WANT THE 'DOT CON' artists to know that we're building a consumer protection coalition that spans the globe."

(Director of US Federal Trade Commission's bureau of consumer protection, Jodie Bernstein, highlighting efforts to boost global cooperation against fraud on the Internet)

*** "THE UNITED STATES is an accomplice in the crimes of Israel, just as anyone else who aids Israel, directly or indirectly . . . Zionist regime is not invincible."

(Iran's supreme leader Ayotollah Ali Khamenei speaking to an assembly of hundreds of country's leaders which was also attended by ambassadors of Islamic countries)

*** "IT'S THAILAND'S VERSION of voodoo economics."

(Director General of Thailand's Economic Affairs Department, Kobsak Chutikul, commenting on prime minister Chuan Leekpai's promise to farmers a three-year debt moratorium, loans to each of country's 80,000 villages to create employment and a tax cut all without running the budget deficit)


(Fabrizio Fabbri, the head of environmental watch group Green Peace in Italy, commenting on the sinking of Italian tanker off France's Atlantic Coast carrying 6,000 tonnes of toxic chemicals)

*** "'I WANT TO SHOCK AND DISTURB' the complacent city-bred folks whose only interest is in commercially-oriented leisure and whose only craving is for any feel-good avenues of entertainment."

(Indian film director Mahesh Bhatt talking at the premiere of his documentary film on the horror and tragedy of the victims of last year's cyclone in Orissa)

*** "IT IS HARD FOR ME to believe that in the year 2000 I am walking into court to defend my daughter against charges of witchcraft brought by her own school."

(Father of 15 year Oklahoma high school student suspended by her school for casting a magic spell which caused a teacher to become sick)

*** "MAKE ME CM or get lost, enough is enough . . . It will be better for us to sit in opposition."

(Chief of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Shibu Soren threatening breaking ties with National Democratic Alliance if it refused his claim for the chief ministership of Indian state of Jharkhand)

*** "ONLY THOSE WHO DREAD competition and those whose minds function in the narrow grooves of moribund nationalism will object to Minister Swaraj's statement . . ."

(Leading Indian newspaper, The Times of India, commenting on the new Information and Broadcasting Minister Sushma Swaraj's proposal for foreign investment in newspapers)

*** "THE QUNITESSENTIAL corporate senator who has never met a weapons system he didn't like."

(Presidential candidate of US Green Party Ralph Nader dismissing Senator Joseph Lieberman, the Jewish vice presidential running mate of his Democratic rival Al Gore)