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Pakistan has a unique geographic and strategic location in Asia. It is situated at the crossroads of West, Central and South Asia and provides access to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. With the fast growing markets in South Asia and East Asia, the availability and security of energy supplies to these countries is critical for their economic development. Due to its strategic location and the strength of its well-developed energy sector, Pakistan has the potential to emerge as a leading transit country in international energy trade in Asia.


Investment Climate
The senior representatives of European Union (EU) have given positive signals regarding investment climate in Pakistan. Kurt Juul EU Ambassador in Pakistan and the French Ambassador Yannick Gerard said that their visit and meetings with banking sector, business representatives and Universities are enough to indicate the confidence the EU has in Pakistan.

Delivery Vs Payment
Yet another service being offered by Central Depository Company is Delivery vs. Payment (DvP). It is a bilateral transaction in which cash and securities are transferred simultaneously from one account to another in the CDS. As the transfer of cash and securities is simultaneous, the settlement risk is eliminated altogether making DvP a secure transaction.

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