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For The Record




Information Technology 

Edited by Syed M. Aslam
Oct 23 - 29, 2000

*** "WE CAN'T WAGE WAR, use oil as a weapon, expel ambassadors, sever ties or end normalisation but every other option is open to us.'

(Cartoon in daily Gulf News UAE mocking the absence of a befitting response by the Arab world in particular and Muslim countries in general against the killings of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli army in the held territories)

*** "I TOLD HIM that is the Supreme Court's business and none of mine. So there is no KKN here."

(Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid rejecting plea of former strongman Suharto's son, Hotomo 'Tommy' Mandala Putra, for review of his 18-month sentence for corruption. KKN is Indonesian acronym for corruption, collusion and nepotism)

*** "The casualty toll is rising by the hour and even underage children are being brutally murdered. But all we have been hearing for the past fortnight are 'strongly worded' statements by the leaders of the Muslim World."

(Iranian newspaper 'Kayhan International' blasting Muslim nations for not standing up Israeli atrocities and calling for the immediate shipment of arms to the Palestinians)

*** "IT'S THE MUTUAL RESPECT between people and the mutual love between people that will save humanity."

(Black nationalist Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan addressing the Million Man March in Washington DC)

*** "I THINK THAT THEY just don't think that the law applies to them. I think they believe there are two laws: one that applies to them and one that applies to the rest of us."

(New York Senate candidate Rick Lazio saying that his adversary First Lady Hillary and her husband President Bill Clinton used federal entitlements for personal gains including improper use of a list of visitors to the White House to solicit funds for her campaign. The First Lady acknowledged the improper use)


(Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak shamelessly defending use of tanks, gunship helicopters and live bullets against the unarmed stone-throwing Palestinians)

*** "IF WE GIVE ONE CLINIC a licence to carry out a brand new treatment it would be difficult for us to refuse a licence to another clinic to carry it out again. The public do not like, and we do not like the idea of designer babies."

(Chairperson of Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority UK, Ruth Deech, explaining the reason for banning gender selection by couples)

*** "`HE ABETTED GAMBLING, tolerated excessive imports and smuggling to favour friends and relatives, to the prejudice of farmers, fishermen, and businessmen."

(Filipino opposition describing the reasons for filing impeachment proceedings against President Joseph Estrada)

*** "WE HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND what the law says and act accordingly. We are aware of the popular demand that those who have done corruption should be publicly hanged."

(Prosecutor General of National Accountability Bureau Farook Adam hinting at changes in the ordinance to make it more effective)

*** "THE PINOCHET CASE has transformed the human rights landscape and paved the way for other alleged torturers to be held to account."

(Amnesty International, the London-based human rights watchdog, launching a worldwide campaign to abolish torture)

*** "WE FEEL THAT WE'RE fulfilling part of his wishes, albeit 199 years later."

(Director of Chicago-based institute of Beethoven research centre William Walsh on analysis of a lock of music great's hair suggesting lead poisoning which made Beethoven ask his brothers to cure abdominal pains)

*** "WE REALLY HAVE NO IDEA. There needs to be tests done before that can be determined."

(Wildlife biologist Jack Mobley on hundreds of dead sharks washing up on beaches along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida)

*** "SHE IS RESIGNING ONLY because she reckons she has nothing to gain from staying in office."

(Daily Le Figaro Paris commenting on the resignation of employment minister Martine Aubry, the most powerful woman in French politics)