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The agriculture sector having a strong base and hardworking field farmers can do a magic to the national economy provided certain improvement on scientific grounds is made in the key areas like water management, quality seeds, fertilizers and pesticides and proper return is ensured to the farmers.
This week our Cover Story highlights all these issues to get the desired results for the economic revival.



Korangi Industrial area houses the biggest cluster of tanneries in Pakistan. The environmental degradation associated with tanneries has become a topic of academic debate thanks to the increased pressure by the international agencies. However, a sinister collusion between tanneries and poultry farmers is posing grave risks to the health and lives of millions of unsuspecting people due to toxic feed given to chickens. PAGE highlights the problem.

This time with the involvement of all the stakeholders draft of Textile Vision 2005 was prepared. The GoP has not been able to announce the final policy as yet. However, it is expected that the final policy would not be tilted towards any group or groups. The industry has to stand on its own feet, without the help of crutches to be able to compete in the global markets.

There seems to be efforts to contain trade deficit. The GoP is trying to boost exports and contain imports by following specific policies. The country may not face a larger deficit this year, if one exclude the hike in oil import bill. However, a fact to be kept in mind that import of capital goods must increase to broaden the manufacturing base in the country.

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