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Oct 23 - 29, 2000

Information Security Vital for Development of E-Commerce in Pakistan

Secure transmission of data and information over the internet is vital for the speedy development of e-commerce in Pakistan. This was stated recently, at an IT related seminar "Need for Information Security and Information Security Solutions" organised by Cylink, at a local hotel.

The seminar was addressed by Mash Khan, Regional Director; James Wong, Managing Director; Gary Bacon, General Manager Sales Operations and Rehan Farooqui, General Manager Operations Middle East, of Cylink Corporation.

The speakers introduced the concept of information security to the audience, and its vital nature for the rapidly expanding e-commerce world. Dilating further upon the topic, they also addressed the need for information security and the solutions available for different types of information security problems.

"In this age of exponential growth in e-commerce and business over the web, it is absolutely essential to have a secure information transmission network, especially for fledgling markets like Pakistan, which have just entered the IT field", said Mash Khan, Regional Director, Cylink Corporation.

Commenting further upon the necessity of total information security, James Wong, Managing Director, Cylink Corporation said,, "If e-commerce is to have a successful future in Pakistan, then a multi-faceted information security network that provides complete coverage across all platforms is a vital prerequisite. Cylink is the only company in Pakistan that provides such a comprehensive solution".

Cylink, a US-based IT firm is the world leader in information transmission security. It is one of the newest entrants in the IT field in Pakistan. Since 1983, Cylink Corporation has developed commercial products that secure electronic business transactions using public key cryptography. Today, the company develops, markets and supports the most comprehensive family of secure electronic commerce and communications solutions in the industry.

Cylink solutions are implemented worldwide by organisations that must protect and manage the access, privacy and integrity of transmitted information regardless of network type or technology. No other company provides more solutions, higher confidence or greater trust.

Cathay Pacific to invest over HK$2 billion in e-Business

Cathay Pacific Airways will invest over HK$2 billion on a range of e-Business projects over the next three years as part of its aim to become Asia's leading e-Business airline. The investment is on more than 30 projects, many of which will be launched over the next six months. They include a range of initiatives to enhance customer convenience and increase efficiency. The projects include a new flagship Website, a cargo Website, online travel exchange, and e-Marketplace.

Cathay Pacific has set up a dedicated e-Business Programme Office to direct its e-Business efforts. The team includes a number of the airline's most senior managers and has now been in place for almost a year. There will soon be more than 150 people working on the airline's various e-Business projects.

The airline expects its e-Business projects to help substantially increase revenue and deliver significant cost savings. The airline believes 25% to 30% of ticket sales will take place online by 2005, in line with industry predictions. e-Business is expected to help reduce total expenditure by more than HK$500 million a year by 2003. Much of the savings will come from online purchasing, including a substantial reduction in inventory carrying costs.

Cathay Pacific's Director and Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen said: "We are serious about becoming the leading e-Business airline in Asia and we are well on the way to making e-Business an integral part of all our operations. e-Business is enabling us to give our customers greater ease and convenience, work more efficiently with our partners, and enhance the position of Hong Kong as Asia's leading aviation centre."

The airline's e-Business projects can be grouped in five areas: Passengers, Cargo, Procurement, CX team, and Future opportunities. The passenger area includes the relaunch of Cathay Pacific's flagship Website www.cathaypacific.com. The Website contains some groundbreaking new features such as notiFLY, which alerts passengers on any changes to their flight status, as well as online mileage checking, real-time flight information, and online booking. Content is now in eight different languages.

AMEX TRS to receive US Visa applications

Visa applications for the United States can now be submitted at American Express Bank Ltd. Travel Related Services offices and Gerry's FedEx offices. This was stated by the US Embassy in Karachi. The statement further added that applicants should carefully consider the costs before applying for an America Visa. Due to changes in the rupee/dollar exchange rate, the US Embassy visa application fee is now Rs. 2500. However, American Express and Gerry's may charge an additional service fee. But they will also be offering a basic drop box service at no additional fee at their Islamabad offices. The visa fee is not refundable and applicants planning to live or work in the US on a visitor's visa, their applications will be refused.

Cafe Catwalk at the Sheraton

Fanoos Lounge the ultimate cafe at the Karachi Sheraton goes jazzier, with the introduction of the "Fanoos Fashion Evenings" where the latest trends in the fashion industry can be seen. Now one can sit back and enjoy classic hi tea delights and get updated on what some of our upcoming and established designers have to offer in casual surroundings of the Sheraton lobby restaurant Fanoos Lounge every Monday evening from October 16 onwards. Top models of the industry can be seen displaying exclusive styles in western, eastern, casuals, evening-wears and formals, be it clothes, jewelry or fashion accessories.

Karachi Sheraton had invited Ms. Shaheen Saeed to present her hair & make up styles in the first show on October 16, after which will be shows by Nazeen Tariq and Kausar of "Chunri" on Mondays to follow. During the fashion show, these designers will also be commenting on their creations and their inspirations in the preparation of this collection. This festival will be on from 1600 hrs to 1900 hrs on Mondays, with an hour-long presentation of the designs.

Gold Hee Gold 2000

The Gold Hee Gold 2000- Pakistan's premiere gold jewellery shopping event, has been organised by the World Gold Council. It will commence on October 16, 2000, and go on till November 15, 2000. With thousands of lucky prizes being given away every day, it will provide consumers the chance of a lifetime to win gold and more gold. Upon jewellery and gold purchases of Rs. 5000 or more, shoppers will be eligible to participate in a lucky draw for one kilo of gold every third day, thousands of instant Scratch-N-Win prizes everyday, and a bumper draw for two kilos of gold at the end of the festival.

This festival, which has been organised by the World Gold Council, is the largest ever gold jewellery extravaganza in Pakistan. More than 120 leading jewellers from the main jewellery markets of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad are participating in it.

The World Gold Council is an international organisation formed and funded by the leading gold mining companies from around the world to increase the global demand for gold. Spurred by the phenomenal success of the Gold Hee Gold jewellery shopping festival in 1998, WGC has organised Gold Hee Gold 2000 to promote gold and gold jewellery in Pakistan.

Third quarter revenue a record $8.7 billion

Intel Corporation announced third quarter revenue of %8.7 billion, a quarterly record, up 19 per cent from the third quarter of 1999 and up 5 per cent sequentially.

For the third quarter, net income excluding acquisition-related costs was $2.9 billion, up 52 per cent from the third quarter of 1999 and down 18 per cent sequentially. Third quarter earnings excluding acquisition-related costs were $0.41 per share, an increase of 52 per cent from $0.27 in the third quarter of 1999, and down 18 per cent sequentially. All second quarter net income and earnings per share amounts include the previously reported charge to cost of sales for approximately $200 million to cover costs associated with the MTH motherboard replacement programme and $2.3 billion of interest and other income.

Including acquisition-related costs in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, third quarter net income was $2.5 billion, up 72 per cent from the third quarter of 1999 and down 20 per cent sequentially. Earnings per share were $0.36, up 71 per cent fro $0.21 in the third quarter of 1999 and down 20 per cent sequentially.

Acquisition-related costs in the third quarter consisted of $8 million in one-time charges for purchased in-process research and development and $420 million of amortization of goodwill and other acquisition-related intangibles and costs.

In September, the company said it has been notified that the investigation by the Federal Trade Commission into Intel's business practices has been closed.

During the quarter, the company paid its quarterly cash dividend of $0.02 per share. The dividend was paid on Sept. 1, 2000, to stockholders of record on Aug. 7, 2000. Intel has paid a regular quarterly cash dividend for eight years.

During the quarter, the company repurchased a total of 14.3 million shares of common stock at a cost of $1.0 billion, under an ongoing programme. Since the programme began in 1990, the company has repurchased 1.4 billion shares at a total cost of $21.2 billion.

Facilitation for rice exporters

M/s. General Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd (agents of Conti Lines, Antwerp) held a grand dinner at Karachi Boat Club.

The purpose of the function was to introduce Conti Lines to the rice exporters of Karachi. Conti Lines of Antwerp were founded in Antwerp in the year 1921 and act as maritime operator active in 10 regular liner services all over the world, for example, in the Baltic, Black Sea, Caribbean, Central and Latin America, etc. All these lines primarily carry conventional cargo and Conti have invested a lot of resources to develop the skills and talent necessary to cater for the carriage of break bulk cargoes for our valued customers. In this part of the world, Conti Lines have operated a regular break bulk liner service (called Conti Asian Lines) from Europe to Pakistan since 1976.

Mr. Mohammed Rajpar, Managing Director of General Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd, announced the launching of a new service by Conti Lines: "Henceforth, we will accept Bagged Rice from Pakistan to West African ports, namely Douala, Dakar, Lagos, Tema, Freetown, Conarky, Abidjan, etc." He informed that these cargoes will be accepted on parcel/inducement basis for the destination region.

He added "with regular vesseles, we hope to generate the requisite interest from exporters, especially since they will no longer have to work only full ship loads or search for trampship positions. Thus, parcels of 3-5000 tonnes will be executable promptly instead of having to be delayed for want of balance cargo. Thus, this service will boost the export performance of the country".

Mr. Mohammed Rajpar also introduced the two exclusive cargo brokers selected for this service, namely Mr. Akbar Kamani of M.S. Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd and Mr. Zafarullah Khan of Aqua Maritime (Pvt) Ltd.

Prominent amongst those attending the function were Mr. Shahid Garib, Mr. Fuad Garib and Mr. Faisal Garib of Garibsons (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Sheikh Arshad Mehmood of ASK Traders, Mr. Zulfikar Thaver of SZT Corporation, Mr. Hamayun Qutab of Andre Group and Mr. Shahid Tawawalla of Meslay & Femtee (Pvt) Ltd.

British Oil and Gas firms here to build contacts

Representatives of seven British companies from the oil and gas sector are visiting Pakistan from 22-28 October. Many of the companies hope to build upon existing relationships and develop new contacts with customers. Those visiting Pakistan for the first time hope to establish links with representatives in the oil and gas, and related industries here.

The visitors are looking forward to their meetings in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad with experts from the leading oil and gas companies. The British representatives hope to learn much from the expertise and creativity within the Pakistan oil and gas sector and it is hoped that technological developments in the UK will be of local interest.

The British representatives are coming under the auspices of a Trade Mission organised by the Society of British Gas Industries. It is supported by Trade Partners UK and the offices of the British High Commission in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

The companies supply goods and services such as state of the art turbo burner systems, micro-turbine co-generation systems, advanced controls systems, portable gas detectors and fixed alarm systems, compressor systems, industrial control and safety systems, anti-corrosion and water sealing systems, and corrugated metallic and composite flexible hose systems.

Pakistan's leading software firms team up with ACER

Pakistan's leading software firms, Micro Innovations & Technologies (MIT) and Ora-Tech System have established an alliance with Acer, Asia's leading software and hardware house. This was stated recently, at a presentation dinner held at a local hotel.

The occasion was addressed by representatives of Micro Innovations and Technologies (MIT) (Pvt.) Ltd., Ora-Tech Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. and Acer, Oracle and Microsoft.

Both MIT and Ora-Tech are currently Pakistan's leading software houses, their partnership with Acer, Asia's leading IT hardware manufacturer will provide consumers a one-stop shop for all their hardware, software and information technology requirements.

To demonstrate to customers the synergistic power of the alliance, MIT/Ora-Tech is organising an exhibition of Acer's product range at the Marriott Hotel, Karachi, on October 19, 2000. This exhibition will not only have the full product lines of the three market leaders on display, but will also include live demonstrations of computer hardware and peripherals as well as IT solutions and software programmes.

It will also show live demos of Mazimo (Plant Management System), IBS (Complete Banking Software), Oracle Financials, Oracle Database Tools as well as Micrsoft's complete product range. Furthermore, consumers will also be offered free giveaways and special discounts on all the MIT, Ora-Tech and Acer products at the exhibition.

On behalf of Mr. Aspi Fatakia, Mr. Iqbal Alam and Mr. S. Gulzar, and members of the Board of MIT/Ora-Tech Group, Mr. Ebrahim Subhani, Managing Director, said, "The partnership between MIT/Ora-Tech and Acer, has created a valuable synergy for customers. We have organised this exhibition to demonstrate to customers, the efficacy and convenience our partnership brings to their desktops".

Mirco Innovations and Technologies (Ptv) Ltd. belongs to a new breed of high technology companies, which focus on effective information management for corporate clients. It is one of the few companies in Pakistan that are capable of providing complete information management solutions to both public and private sector organisations.

Greenwich University first Karachi Inter-University debate the qamar ara shield

As a part of the co-curricular program, Greenwich University is holding its First Karachi Inter-University Debating contest for award of the 'The Qamar Ara Shield' on Saturday, October 28, 2000 at 04:30 pm. This is just a beginning to promote communication skills, critical and analytical thinking and channelising the students energy towards healthy activities and creative thinking.

12 Universities will participate; in all there will be 24 speakers each in English and Urdu debates and each speaker will be allowed to speak 31/241/2 minutes.

The topics for the debates are:

English: 'There are no heroes today only celebrities'


To provide an apropriate incentive, Greenwich University has decided to award cash prizes to the top there positions in both English and Urdu Debates. Running Trophy 'The Qamar Ara Shield' will be awarded to the team with the highest points.


First Prize Rs. 15,000/=
Second Prize Rs. 10,000/=
Third Prize Rs. 5, 000/=


BITS Club at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, organized an interactive session on the topic of 'E-Government' on Wednesday, October 18, 2000. Mr. Shoib Khan, country manager for IBM in Pakistan spoke on the occasion. He has been working with IBM for the past 22 years playing a key role in "IT AWARENESS" in Pakistan.

The topic of his presentation was "THRIVING AS AN E-BUSINESS IN A DRAMATICALLY CHANGING BUSINESS WORLD". According to him by 2003, half a billion people will be on the internet buying different products which will cause a negative impact on the middleman since the consumers will be buying directly from the manufacturers. He said that with the passage of time the customers are becoming more agile and intelligent. To attract such customers on the website, which is an 'e-market', customer expectations and personalization should be kept in mind. The effect of e-business is that cost of going into business is decreasing. Also e-business is giving rise to 'globalization' because the 'e-markets' are reachable from anywhere in the world. He explained the characteristics of an agile e-business are that there are no boundaries, customer has direct relationship with the customers. Such factors not only enhances the e-business but also give rises to new commerce models.

The organizers of the event are Zubair Naseer, Faraz Haider, Khurram Mahboob and Imran Yousaf.

Zubair Naseer
BITS Club Press & Media Secretary

Pakistan's First tea consignement leaves for U.A.E

The first export consignment of Tapal Tea (Private) Limited left the Karachi port. The container is loaded with great tasting Tapal Danedar, bound for the UAE. Tapal Danedar will be the first Pakistan branded packaged tea to make it to the shelves in various parts of the world including USA, Australia, Europe & the Middle East.

The product however will not be a new name in the foreign market,, as it was reaching Grocery Stores in the Middle East,, Australia, Europe and U.S. The company was receiving many import queries from all corners of the world and it was this rising demand for the product that prompted Tapal Tea to take a bold step and reach out to tea lovers all over the world. Tapal Tea takes great pride in the fact that Danedar will not just be a carrier of the company's name to the global markets but also Pakistan's goodwill ambassador, abroad. Being the first and only Pakistani Tea company enjoying the highest global quality standards award ISO 9002, Tapal Tea has always done the nation proud and this project is no exception. Once again the company has created a history by exporting non-traditional value added products to contribute to the national economy. This is yet another proof of Tapal Tea's attachment to its soil and its people.