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Edited by Syed M. Aslam
Oct 16 - 22, 2000

*** "THE WORLD IS WATCHING a massacre going on, and what is it doing about it? Even Muslims have not reacted, as they should, because this is about Al Quds and Al Aqsa mosque."

(Khaled Meshaal, a top leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement 'Hamas', accusing the world in general and the US in particular of complete indifference towards the cold-blood and indiscriminate massacre of Palestinians by the Israelis. Israel is using excessive force including tanks and helicopter gunships to crush protests in the occupied areas)

*** "IT REFLECTS my commitment to be as forward leaning as possible in releasing information that with the passage of time no longer needs to be protected."

(Director of US intelligence agency CIA, George Tenet, releasing five million pages of declassified intelligence documents relating to world events from 1947 to the 1970s)

*** "We WANT OUR STONES to be thrown at the heads of the Israelis."

(UAE businessman Siddiq Fateh Ali who has sent 50 trucks carrying 2,000 tonnes of stones and hundreds of slingshots to Palestinians living in occupied territories for countering Israeli guns and missiles as an expression of solidarity)

*** "THIS OUTRAGEOUS capacity mandates humility."

(Pierce J. Howard, author of book 'The Owners Manual for the Brain' on brain research and its everyday application, rejecting the notion that human brain is incapable of dealing with the information overload. He puts the capacity of human brain at 10 million books of 1,000 pages each)

*** "LIFE IS INCOMPLETE in a society like ours unless you make an effort to reduce the difference between have and the have-nots."

(Indian software guru, Narayana Murthy whose company Infosys has a market capitalisation of $ 100 billion, explaining why he does not employ domestic servants and begins his day by cleaning the toilets in his small two-bedroom house in Bangalore)

*** "YOU ARE HOLDING US to a higher standard than other countries. Even the United States has laws on its books that violate the WTO."

(Unnamed Chinese trade official blaming the US demands for major legal reforms for stalling China's bid to join the WTO)

*** "THIS IS THE KIND OF FAILURE that no one in Silicon Valley likes to think about. The fact is, the technology industry is creating incredible wealth and it is also creating incredible poverty.'

(Ray Allen, a social worker, on the astronomical increase in cost of living in Silicon Valley which creates 63 millionaires every day. Even such highly paid professionals as doctors and lawyers are astonished to find themselves among new under-class, unable to buy their own home affording instead to afford only the rent in the Valley)

*** "THEY'RE HIRING SOMEBODY, but they also want to be able to tolerate him."

(Republican pollster David Winston commenting on the uncertainty about how the voters will react in the US presidential election early next month)

*** "I DISAGREE WITH THE CONTENTION. I don't agree with it at all. In the international eyes it may be better, (but) not in the interest of Pakistan."

(Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf replying to a question posed by the BBC that an elected government not matter how autocratic and corrupt may it be is better than an unelected government)

*** "THE MODERN HOUSEWIFE is the most effected. World Bank is forcing a cutdown on essential subsidies on food, health, education which has a direct impact. It is women who are subsidising the World Bank through unpaid work."

(Women activists staging a protest in front of the UN Information Centre in New Delhi against the negative impact of policies framed by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund)

*** "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to imagine that we would cooperate with this public relations stunt."

(Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez commenting on the passing of a legislation by the House of Representatives allowing sale of food and medicine to his island nation. He said that Havana would not buy anything from the US anyway)