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The ISO-9000 is now an international phenomenon and it is influencing the way companies do business. In emerging markets it is frequently used to help raise standards and improve competitiveness. In developed economies it is becoming an increasingly important consideration in business-to-business purchases as well as enabling the companies to achieve improved efficiency and better management. However, a large number of Pakistani companies are not making efforts in this direction.


Mian Muhammad Latif
n an exclusive interview with PAGE, Mian Muhammad Latif said that textile industry had the largest potential for boosting Pakistan's exports. The industry needs adequate supply of cotton at competitive prices and removal of the irritants affecting the performance. At the same time each player has to try hard for higher value-addition and quality improvement.

Neither the power generation nor its transmission has anything to do with the current ordeal of a 2-hour load shedding the people have to suffer everyday. The genuine consumers are experiencing the hardships only because of the power thieves and the corrupt within the company.

ABN AMRO Securities
ABN AMRO Asia Limited Hong Kong has announced to disinvest the entire 76 per cent equity stake in First Capital ABN AMRO Equities, a brokerage company. It has decided to sell its 7.602 million shares at Rs 1 million or a throw-away price of just Rs 0.1315 per share to First Capital Securities, a stock listed company, which already holds the rest of the 24 per cent equity.

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