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Single Grade Petrol

Introduced last week with a view to provide more mileage with lesser cost

Oct 09 - 15, 2000

Recently government has introduced a new idea of Single Grade Petrol (SGP) to replace the present regular grade of petrol. It seems very impressive as it gives more mileage to the consumers by paying similar prices and so far claimed as more environmental safe. But consumers are still confused and doubtful regarding the quality of SGP.

Single grade petrol (87 Octane) was introduced last week throughout the country with a view to provide more mileage with lesser cost. This step is actually the part of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources considerations towards the better petroleum products with the objective of reducing environmental pollution, optimizing petroleum logistics and infrastructure and increasing fuel efficiency and benefits to the consumers.

Talking to PAGE sources said that this is a revolutionary step that will bring a big change regarding environmental pollution. Throughout the world 80 octane regular petrol has been banned due to its pernicious effects. Octane number actually indicates the ability of fuel to burn without problem. The regular petrol evolves carbon mono-oxide which harms the man and environment. Sources further said, this 87 octane must be increased upto 90-93. Sources further said that the use of SGP would cut down the total consumption of petrol in the country which will save foreign exchange of the country.

Some consumers are of the view that it could be a better decision if both super and regular petrol remains available to the consumers with better efficiency of octane. But the expected decision to abolish those categories of petroleum, and single grade petrol as the only option for the consumers will not be a right decision. Consumers think that introducing single grade petrol as the single commodity means that they had an increase of Rs 1.50 rather than 50 paisas on regular petrol, as SGP is the only commodity available to the consumers.

Sources denied that dealers are selling regular petrol labelling with SGP (supreme) because government has stopped the supply of regular petrol week before introducing SGP. This step is actually taken to eradicate the regular petrol adulteration in supreme. Although there is a possibility of adding kerosene oil in a SGP but it is not as such easy as easily find out.

In an officially announced statement, it was announced that the production of SGP has been achieved through modification and configuration of the existing refineries and setting up of Parco Mid-Country refinery at Multan. In official announcement it was also claimed that the introduction of mono-grade petrol will give additional benefits to the consumers. Better efficiency of Octane will give more mileage in a low cost. Official estimates show that this will improve the efficiency of Suzuki pickup by cutting down the cost as increased mileage from 10 km to 14 km per liter and rickshaw will improve to 17 km from 12 km.

Sources further said, this will give lesser cost to the rickshaws, taxies, motorcycles etc. Rickshaws will get 30-35 per cent, taxies 20 per cent more mileage by using SGP. This is actually the previously used super petrol, sources said. SGP will also give less maintenance cost to the consumers and this will help to reduce the adulteration of regular petrol in the supreme quality.

Most of the consumers suspect that this single grade petrol is actually a regular petrol which is being sold with the different labels. The quality and efficiency of the petroleum is exactly the same as regular, so the consumers are paying higher prices for the lower products. The immediate decision by the government to introduce the single grade petrol is highly resisted by the consumers due to the same reasons.

Single grade petrol is 87 octane fuel, which means more mileage, less maintenance cost and more safety. But besides this it must also make sure by the government to pass on the real quality supreme petrol to the consumers. With regular petrol driver needs to retune its car engine again and again, it also causes corrosion to the cars. Mostly new cars run on 90 Octane or higher grade petrol due its number of benefits.

It is recommended that government should continue the two grade system with high grade regular that is 85- 87 octane and premium with 90 or more octane in order to avoid adulteration and consumers dissatisfaction. Introduction of single grade is not the only solution to stop adulteration possibility, with two grade petrol system government can not only satisfy the consumers but also help to reduce the pollution. But this is a positive step by the government to abolish 80 octane due to its number of harms.

Altogether assertions by the authorities in this regard are also right but this should be borne in mind that consumers are not afraid of paying more money but actually they are afraid of paying additional money for poor quality product. Introducing a single grade is not only the solution to stop petrol adulteration but checks should also be made on petrol pumps to stop malpractices Consumers will definitely pay price for environmental protection and good quality.