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A seminar organized by Arena Multimedia

Oct 09 - 15, 2000

Proliferation of dot com culture in the country is not only the responsibility of the government but corporate sector and individuals themselves should come forward in this regard, said Viqas Atiq, Director Axact Cyber Solutions addressing the seminar organized by Arena Multimedia. The topic of the seminar was "The dot. com world- How to become a part of it ?"

Atiq further said, in Pakistan people don't have the clear perception about the internet and dot com world. Gone are the days when gradual development led to the success, we need unprecedented speed in order to make realize our presence. Throughout the world internet is pacing with exceptional velocity but we are lagging far behind due to our behaviour. He also explained the interrelation of internet with human psychology, it satisfies the basic instincts of curiosity, love/ interactively and choice making.

Atiq pointed out that how government, corporates and individual can help in this regard. Government is responsible to formulate the policies, legislations to promote the dot com culture in the country which basically based on internet and its extensive use. It is imperative to use internet to generate money, to enhance the quality and to make the best possible share in the world e-commerce. Corporate and individual should also play their role on their part in order to promote it. Unfortunately in countries like Pakistan, internet is widely misused and mostly used for chatting and purpose like that. Unlikely, throughout the world it is being considered as the most effective media for advertising, marketing and commerce.

He also pointed out the fact that so far we even don't have the separate bench in financial sector to promote the e-commerce. Our financial sector can be the strongest platform to progress it. Further describing the role of individual, he said, we need to be focused to put our effort. The biggest problem in our country is that our qualified young generation remains unfocused even after completing their higher education. He referred the example of thousands of the computer professionals who are acquiring higher studies without specification of their dimension.

Atiq denied that there is any brain drain in the country, by channelizing the exact flow of our computer professionals abroad, we can get the lucrative benefits of software export like India. Zeal and focused efforts are the only solution to be promoted as an IT nation.

Educational institutes can play a very vital role in this regard by enhancing technical expertise, development of personality of the computer students, he added. Computer students must have a business vision. He also suggested that all the computer institutes should develop network and join together for the development of information technology in the country.

He referred internet as the most effective medium for marketing and advertisement as worldwide extensively used media. He referred the examples of P&G and Novartis which used internet effectively for their products. Atiq said that in Pakistan we could not so far accepted internet as the most effective media of promotion. Internet is the best strategy to popularize the brand of product to the large masses. Corporate sector can play a very important role in this regard by using internet extensively to promote their products. This is the time when we should not look for the excuses, we don't have any option but to part of that.

He also made demonstration before the audience in which he showed a Pakistan Cyber Entrepreneur Model. Government, corporate world, quality institutions and local financial sector should try at their level best to produce skilled computer professionals and entrepreneurs in the country. Enhanced technical and managerial skills in the computer students would automatically make dimension for dot com world.

Laiq Ahmed Siddiqui, General Manager Arena Multimedia gave a detailed view of Arena. He said Arena is currently working as the only institute which offers advanced courses in multimedia studies. Presently Arena is working with its three education centres at Karachi but very soon it will be available in Lahore, Islamabad and Multan. We are also planning to start Arena in F.B Area, North Nazimabad, Gulistan-e-Jauhar and Mazar-e-Quaid.

He said that world wide demand for IT professionals is far more than its supply. Similarly countless opportunities are there in the field of IT and multimedia, now it is our effort and passion which actually open the door to develop Pakistan as an IT nation.