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NetSol and E-Commerce Gateway (ECG) Join Hands


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NetSol is expected to leverage on ECG's marketing network by participating aggressively in regional software development projects

Oct 09 - 15, 2000

NetSol International Inc. (NASDAQ: NTWK), a global information technology consultant and software developer and Singapore's E-Commerce Gateway (ECG) a vibrant young company in e-business enabling solutions and facilities, have signed an agreement which marks a significant development for NetSol and its penetration into the ASEAN (South East Asian Nation) market. ASEAN groups 10 of the emerging economies of South East Asia within a pro-trade framework.

ECG's core strength lies in its strong business networking with industry leaders in telecommunications, e-payment gateways and media businesses. The company is an active player in e-commerce enabling, both in terms of hardware, software as well as market facilitation and penetration. The company is actively assisting small medium sizes enterprises (SMEs) in their entrance to e-commerce marketplace in non-tariff Asian countries. ECG is also the fastest growing enabler of software exports from region to region in ASEAN. ECG is also the administrator of CommerceNet Singapore's ShopAsia

Programme in Pakistan, Malaysia and Hong Kong. This allows Pakistan based SMEs to sell directly into Japan and Korea market without operational and legislative barriers.

NetSol-ECG's collaboration will enable NetSol to setup proximity centers directly in Singapore, with a view to jointly develop a significant presence in Kuala Lumpur at the multimedia super corridor in the near future. These inexpensive but crucial proximity centers will be in direct contact with the procurement opportunities for the emerging number of software development contracts. Most of the projects are capable of being developed through offshore software export models, leveraging the well-trained resources offered by NetSol. ECG will also assist NetSol in securing and establishing working relationships with local domain expertise as well as workflow specialists, which are crucial for the success for any project.

NetSol is expected to leverage on ECG's marketing network by participating aggressively in regional software development projects. The number of projects varies according to countries in ASEAN, in line with the disparity in the level of computerization and market development within ASEAN countries. Singapore and Malaysia currently top the group and offer the most attractive opportunities. Both countries use English as an official medium of communication and pose no language barriers to international players. Thailand is also fast opening up its software development opportunities to offshore players. ECG's sources indicated that upto $250 million worth of projects are to be framed out annually with major software export houses vying for some of the top projects in the region.

NetSol-ECG collaboration model will be cost effective and may pave the way for further collaboration outside ASEAN, with China and Korea being the most attractive emerging growth markets.