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Edited by Syed M. Aslam
Oct 09 - 15, 2000

*** "AS MY DAYS on earth rapidly draw to a close, I am proud to have set an example of all that is best in our noble game."

(Ninety-two-year-old Australian cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman)

*** "THE GOVERNMENT IS IN NO MOOD to accept these declarations from the most privileged chunk of the population as valid."

(Unnamed sources saying that it has put the names of some 60,000 people living in posh areas in 13 major cities of Pakistan on a watch-list for evading taxes. The tax survey has also detected another 4,000 plus people in these localities whose power, phone and gas bills far exceeds their annual income)

*** "WE DO STILL HAVE vultures flying into the Tower of Silence. But it would be wrong for me to tell you there is no problem."

(Member of Bombay Parsi Panchayat, a religious community council, Khojeste P. Mistree on the problem of disposing of corpses due to shortages of vultures in India. Parsi ritual comprise exposing the corpses to the elements and left for vulture to pick clean)

*** "WE SEE OUR KIDS DYING and we can not help them. They are terrorists. Even though they are wearing army uniforms, that is exactly what they are."

(Incharge of security cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli forces, Brigadier-General Osama al-Ali, on massacre of some 5 dozen Palestinians including defenseless 12-year old boy Rami and children as young as two--year-old by the Israeli army)

*** "DNA TESTING IS becoming so accurate that any intelligent judge is going to say, 'If there is any doubt, you should have a right to test. If they can prove your guilt, why can't you prove your non-guilt."

(John Whitehead of a conservative civil liberties group 'Rutherford Institute' commenting on US District Judge Albert V. Bryan Jr.'s ruling that inmates claiming wrongful conviction have a constitutional right to request DNA testing that might prove their innocence)

*** "I LOST MY VOICE. I've been doing this for many years. But my brain went dead, and my tongue went limp. To see a little boy killed before your eyes."

(The New York Times quoting a veteran Israeli journalist delivering the news on the killing of 12-year-old Palestinian defenseless boy Rami. The weeping boy and his father were cowered near a cement block for 45 minutes before he was shot dead and his father was seriously injured by the Israeli army)

*** "I WILL NOT be the world's policeman but the world's 'peace-maker.'"

(Republican presidential candidate George Bush during a televised debate with his Democratic opponent Al Gore)

*** "TO ME IT IS STRANGE that Americans hunt deer. But I don't tell Americans not to kill deer. Why should they tell us not to eat whale."

(Japanese whale hunter Tsukasa Isone downplaying global outrage against whale hunting lead by the US)

*** "THIS CAMPAIGN is like an advertising campaign for diapers."

(Maciej Jankowski, spokesman of Polish presidential contender Andrzej Olechowski, on the poll wisely marred by mudslinging)

*** "I DEMAND MY ACQUITTAL for the right of people to be informed and for the freedom of expression."

(Turkish journalist Nadire Mater pleading innocence for insulting the army in her banned book on the Kurdish rebel war. She was acquitted by the court)

*** "THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED. If politicians lose their morals, as is fairly common, they might end up losing their freedom."

(Indian print media hailing the historic conviction of ex-premier P.V. Narasimha Rao on corruption charges)

*** "WE WANTED TO create a psychosis of fear that would play right into the hands of the security forces."

(Assassin Ferdi Barnard testifying before the South African Truth Commission that the former Apartheid regime recruited and paid criminals to go on rampage during African National Congress' rallies and marches ahead of elections)