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Politics & Piolicy 

Edited by Syed M. Aslam
Oct 02 - 08, 2000

*** "THESE INSTITUTIONS have turned countries — into 'colonies' of multinational corporations that want access to cheap labour and natural resources . . . Every time the World Bank lends, it is lending for destruction, it's lending for the transfer of the assets of the poor . . . It is clear that these institutions are about promoting corporate welfare and not eliminating poverty."

(Anti-globalisation protesters gearing to hold a counter-summit in Prague coinciding with the first-ever IMF-World Bank annual meeting outside their headquarters in Washington DC)

*** "IT IS ATROCIOUS to be living in a world where a human being's value is about a quarter of a duck's."

(Arthur Smith, main actor of London stage drama, commenting on using an actor dressed as a duck which is much less costly than a real duck. Real ducks cost $ 375 per day to hire compared to minimum wage of just $ 438 for the entire week for the actor)

*** "YES, THERE ARE THINGS that we've done that have made people angry, and we should be open enough to admit it."

(British Prime Minister Tony Blair accepting blame for widespread protests against hike in petroleum prices and miserly increase in the state pension. He has pledged to lead the leading Labour Party to a second term in office despite its nosedive in the polls)

*** "WE HAVE DEVOLVED from representative democracy to corporate democracy . . . The fund raising system is legalized bribery and extortion. These conventions serve as symbols of corruption . . . The conventions are corporate trade shows."

(Democratic Senator Russ Feingold criticising huge fund-raising in elections amidst extreme poverty in the prosperous US)

*** "WE ARE WILLING to talk with anybody, anywhere at any time, but as equals. Why don't we discuss the foreign debt that crushes poor countries. Why don't we discuss terms of trade that are so unequal, and the savage imposition of economic systems."

(Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez hosting the OPEC summit in Caracas. He lashed out at the developed world blaming OPEC for high prices despite levying huge taxes on oil products themselves)

*** "IF PAKISTAN FAILS, we have major problems. If Musharraf fails, hardliners could take over, or fundamentalists, or chaos. We can't let Musharraf fail."

(Remarks attributed to General Anthony C. Zinni who retired as head of the US central command last month)

*** "AS MY DAYS on earth rapidly draw to a close, I am proud to have set an example of all that is best in our noble game."

(Ninety-two-year-old Australian cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman)

*** "HOW DIM-WITTED does the press think voters are? So dim that they rely on late-night comedians to figure out which presidential candidate to vote for."

(An US internet site commenting on campaigns by presidential candidates George Bush and Al Gore on late-night talk shows)

*** "A LARGE HEAD SIZE indicates greater intelligence."

(Findings of a research conducted by University of Western Ontario)

*** "THE WINNERS OF THE CEMETERY of the Year Awards are the perfect embodiment of modern, sell-run cemeteries and dispel the myth that cemeteries are places of gloom and doom."

(Awards administrator Kate Parker announcing best cemetery award in London)

*** "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the sanctions have been imposed for reasons which don't exist any more and it's time to lift those sanctions."

(Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz calling for the lifting of UN sanctions)

*** "TELLING PEOPLE WHERE THEY CAN GET HELP is a better way to become engaged with the homeless than buying off your conscience with a few pounds."

(Victor Adebowale, chief executive of one of Britain's biggest youth homelessness charity Centrepoint, warning people that giving money to destitutes encourage them to seek help)

*** "THE GOVERNMENT IS IN NO MOOD to accept these declarations from the most privileged chunk of the population as valid."

(Unnamed sources saying that it has put the names of some 60,000 people living in posh areas in 13 major cities of Pakistan on a watch-list for evading taxes. The tax survey has also detected another 4,000 plus people in these localities whose power, phone and gas bills far exceeds their annual income)