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!title40.jpg (24156 bytes)KESC has sought an increase of 15 per cent in its tariff as an immediate remedy to the huge losses. KESC pleads that it has become impossible to run its operation due to sharp increase in furnace oil and a monthly theft of Rs2.50 billion per month. The increase in KESC tariff is almost allowed by the government to keep its generators in operation. Since the power tariffs are already on the higher side any further increase may not be sustainable by the general consumers which may lead to increase incidence of power theft in the KESC system. Shifting the KESC system from oil to gas seems to be a desirable solution as it may reduce the generation cost by half of the cost incurred by using the oil.

As an interim measure, WAPDA was allowed to increase tariff. However, the final tariff has to be approved by NEPRA by following the stipulated procedure. Apparently WAPDA is trying to avoid public hearing due to a fear of tough counter argument by consumers.

Microsoft, the global software giant, has sent legal notices to over 200 companies in Pakistan for the violation of Copy Rights. The company is targeting the corporate sector in its drive against piracy particular companies which have over 15 PCs. According to sources despite a 9 per cent reduction in piracy level in last six years, unlicensed use of software still remains a high 86 per cent.

Petroleum Prices
Government has increased the oil prices by an average 10.4 per cent. The highest increase has been made in Kerosene with 24 per cent. The prices of other products like motor spirit(regular), motor spirit Super, HOBC, HSD, LDO and JP-4 were also increased. Minister said, government has no option but to increase the prices due to increasing oil prices in international market.

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