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Jan 24, 2000

*** "EVEN IF other countries would want to meddle, the powerful states of Iran and Russia won’t let them."

(Russian Defence Minister, Igor Sergeyev, on expanding military ties including the proposed sales of three nuclear reactors for power generation to Iran)


*** "GENERAL PINOCHET looks like escaping the fate he deserves, though if the doctors are right, he may not live long to enjoy his reprieve."

(Guardian Newspaper London commenting on the release of the former Chilean dictator accused of massive Human Rights abuses, including disappearance and deaths, on health reasons to his home country)

*** "SOMETIMES YOU have to make a choice. If you see injustice in front of you, are you going to walk away? If you can do something but still walk away, that is trouble."

(Ramesh Mathai, director of Bhopal Express, a movie about the world’s worst industrial disaster which killed 7,000 and affected 500,000 others. The film hopes to force the world, and Indians, to remember the ghastly tragedy in 1984 and demand better compensation to the affectees)

*** "IF I am corrupt, nobody is clean."

(Former president Farooq Leghari on his alleged involvement in Mehran Bank scam which involved selling of land through the Bank during his tenure)

*** "I HAVE never planned for anything in my entire life. There is a supernatural power that makes you do things."

(Indian singing legend Lata Mangeshkar answering a question posed by a journalist on her future plans. The semi-retired singer said that today's films and music do not appeal to her as they border on the ‘vulgar’)


*** "THE INTERNAL affairs of Pakistan are its internal issue and China will never interfere. We respect the choice of Pakistani people."

(Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao after Pakistan’s military ruler General Pervez Musharraf’s meeting with President Jiang Zemin)

*** "AND I hereby direct that you be tried by this court on the above said charges."

(Rahmat Hussain Jafri, the Judge of Anti-Terrorist Court No.1 framing charges of conspiracy hatched by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his brother and former Chief Minister of Punjab and five others to abduct 198 passengers on the national airliner including the Chief of Army Staff, now the military ruler of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf on October 12 last year)

*** "IT STANDS as a hurtful symbol to millions, not only African Americans, because it recalls the pain of slavery. It should be removed from the state capitol building in South Carolina and from any government institution."

(US Vice President and presidential aspirant, Al Gore, demanding the removal of the Cofederate battle flag from the South Carolina statehouse. The flag is seen by many as a symbol of racism and similar statement was made by another presidential hopeful Senator Bill Bradley to woo black voters)

*** "BUT WE are not happy with this brief apology and expect a full-length inquiry and apology."

(Charan Singh Sapra, president of the Mumbai Youth Congress, rejecting the short apology by the daily Times of India for including former premier Indira Gandhi and present chief of the party, Sonia Gandhi in a list of 100 Sexiest Indian women of the Century)

*** "INDIA IS losing some people to Silicon Valley (in California) and I hope you would lose some to Singapore."

(Singapore Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong, advocating for stronger ties with India, particularly in information technology, after being accorded a ceremonial welcome at the presidential palace in New Delhi)

*** "I’M RETURNING to what I love most— focusing on technologies for the future."

(Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and the world’s richest man, after handing over the reins of the world’s biggest software company to his No.2, Steve Ballmer)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam