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!title4.jpg (29484 bytes)Despite the general impression that Pakistan suffers from economic slow down, the KSE-100 index has more than doubled since June, 1998. It may be true that economic fundamentals are still weak, there seems to be gradual shift in risk perception. Rescheduling of external debts, reduction in political uncertainty and efforts of the current economic managers have started showing signs of restoration of confidence of investors.


The pressures for restoration of a democratic setup from outside Pakistan does not matter if the local people have the acceptance of the policies of the present government, said Moeen A. Qureshi, former prime minister of Pakistan. A firm and decisive attitude for carrying out policies and implementation of the reforms is however the key to success for the new government, he observed.

Leading agriculturists from Sindh under the banner of the Reformers have the consensus that Corporate Farming, Price Support Mechanism along with the institutional framework and Crop Insurance are the steps which needed to be understood and implemented for achieving the desired level of agriculture performance in Pakistan.

The IT prowess of arch rival India poses many challenges for Pakistan. India intends to increase its software exports from $ 4 billion at present to $ 50 billion in 2008. The need to expand IT base comprising computer technology, communications technology and robotics could hardly be over-emphasised to avert the widening disparity.

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