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The CBM MBA; Enhancing Quality


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Sep 25 , Oct 01, 2000

The Emphasis Is On Quality

From the very beginning the College of Business Management (CBM), has put the emphasis on quality. It is not enough to produce a mass of business graduates. It is necessary to ensure that these graduates take Pakistan to the top of the ladder in international markets. CBM is geared to meet this need.

The success that has been achieved in ensuring product quality is reflected in several developments.

• The Employers Federation of Pakistan has awarded the Certificate for outstanding performance in human capital formation to CBM in May 2000. The EPF represents all major multinational and national firms and banks in Pakistan.

• CBM graduates have been accepted by Harvard, Rutgers, New York, Toronto and several other American and Canadian universities for further study and research. Throughout North America CBM course credits are easily transferable.

• CBM's growing consultancy program — with assignments for UNIDO, Aga Khan Educational Services, Doha Bank, Khalid Majid Husain Rahman etc. — have led to the establishment of its Business Support Center.

• Over 95 per cent of CBM graduates receive offers from leading national and multinational firms. That is the reason that despite having large number of applications for admission with an intake ratio of five applications to one admission, the number of students on campus has risen from 98 in September 1997 to 791 in September 2000.

Steps Taken To Enhance Quality

The criteria for evaluation of business schools consist of quality of teaching, regular updating of curricula, quantum and quality of research and training for the faculty. CBM has been making efforts to excel in all these areas.

In Pakistan the challenge is to use foreign text books in a way which allows the student to apply techniques of analysis and research to the local environment. To achieve this, CBM has launched a program for producing text books which analyze Pakistani business experience using modern theoretical concepts. The first of these text books Money and Banking in Pakistan will be published by Oxford University Press, Pakistan in December 2000. A text on Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations in Pakistan is under preparation.

To maintain the quality of teaching, curricula should be updated regularly. The curriculum committee of the CBM Board of Studies meets every semester to revise curricula and suggest new courses. Two new programs have been introduced in September 2000 session and a restructuring of the program in informatics related to financial management has been completed.

Business schools need to interact with local trade and industry. The Pakistan business sector is among the most under researched in Asia. To deal with this problem, CBM publishes Pakistan's first business research and policy analysis quarterly, and has also launched an M.Phil program in Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management and in Marketing to encourage research. The Pakistan Business Review, relies mainly on in-house research undertaken by the faculty and students. It has already established a market reputation.

The M.Phil program is supported by Glaxo-Wellcome, Citibank, Parke Davis, English Biscuits, Gandhara Nissan, International Brands and Spectrum Communications.

CBM has extensive links with North American Universities. Professors from the Universities of Arizona State and Brock have served as Chief Academic Officers at CBM. American Academicians in the areas of Marketing, MIS and Human Resource Management have been invited to conduct courses and seminars. The present Dean has fourteen years experience of teaching and research at British Universities.

The Future

CBM is the first constituent college of the Institute of Business Management which seeks to develop as Karachi's first full-fledged City University, integrating the disciplines of business studies, law, engineering and the social sciences. CBM's Medium Term development program includes.

• The offering of joint honours programs in computer studies and a range of business disciplines (finance, marketing, HRM and communications) to enhance the IT skill of business professionals.

• The development of the work of the Business Support Center and to establish it as a focal point of interaction between small and medium firms and the business teaching and research community.

• The involvement of firms and banks in the work of the Board of Studies and Curriculum and Research committees of the College.

• The prioritization of the teaching of human resource management specially in terms of short courses diplomas and work place integrated programs.
The Institute of Business Management intends to

• Establish a Centre for Social Development

• Launch a major multi-disciplinary program in the area of English Literature and American Studies.

• Initiate teaching and research in the areas of Urban and Environmental Management and Business Education.