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Sep 25 - Oct, 2000

Business education in conjunction with IT education: "Big threats and fresh opportunities — that's the Web. Think spider web: Is it a dandy way to catch dinner, or a deadly trap? The answer depends entirely on whether you're the spider or the fly!". The dawn of the 21st century brought with it the gift of immense challenge of Information Technology and the Internet in an explosive package. Computers and the World Wide Web firmly usher in an era of all-encompassing change destined to create new wealth in the form of information gathering and dissemination for all. This has sparked the beginning of the next business revolution giving birth to a 'global village' in true sense of the word. The power to navigate the world at the click of a mouse is a force guaranteed to transform our professional as well as personal lives forever.

Since their development in the early 1950s, computers have proved their worth and essentiality by the multiplicity of advantages they offer to mankind in all walks of life. In a short span of time the Internet has elevated from a playground for nerds into a vast communications and trading center where millions of people around the world swap information or make deals. Use of Information Technology vehicles is not only the most effective tool to boost your business efficiency, but in the light of the current global scenario has become virtually inevitable for one's survival. It took radio more than 30 years to reach 60 million people, and television 15 years. Internet took hardly three years to reach tens of millions of people all over the world. Never has a technology caught fire so fast.

Experts in the field warn procrastinators and pessimists... "The only sure loser is the 'fast follower.' Fast followers are always too late. It is better to be too early five times than be too late once." —Philip Evans and Thomas S. Wurster, in Blown to Bits (Harvard Business School Press, 2000). The mutual linking of computers like a central nervous system resulting in an Information superhighway creates a great opportunity for progressive and career oriented individuals to discover new avenues of personal growth and professional development. It has a vast potential for providing a backbone for the social as well as economic development of the country.

At present Pakistan's software exports are only a depressing $16 million, which is a mere fraction of the Indian software exports estimated around $4.5 billion. To stay on the fast track of Information Technology superhighway, and to join this business revolution, the only option available to us is gaining more knowledge and skills in the related fields. This aim can only be fulfilled with the acquisition of quality education from an institution, which is committed to its unbeatable standards of excellence. A name that immediately comes to one's mind with this standpoint is 'Preston University'.

Preston University was first established in 1984 as 'The School of Business and Commerce' in Rawalpindi. Continuing the legacy of providing quality education to the human resources of Pakistan for over a decade and a half it is now the oldest and largest private university of Pakistan with a current enrollment of over 5000 students in its nation-wide network of campuses in nine major cities of the country. Keeping in line with the evolving technological advancements and requirements of the enterprising businesses today in the national as well as the international scenario, the University is offering high quality education in the fast-growing and ever-expanding fields of Business Administration, Information Technology and E-Commerce. Even though other institutions also offer similar Masters programs, the specialization in the exciting new field of "E-Commerce' is introduced for the first time in Pakistan at the post-graduate level as a full-fledged degree program.

In addition to the regular Bachelors and Masters Programs, 'Executive MBA' is also included in the diverse portfolio of programs at Preston University. The classes for the Executive programs are scheduled for the evenings thus giving an excellent opportunity to people already working and wanting to meet the challenges of the new millennium by diversifying and deepening their skills in a variety of specializations available. These include Management Information Systems, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Health Management, Finance & Accounting, Project Management & General Management.

The Bachelors program in business administration, 'BBA' is a two-year course designed to produce an entrepreneur in the generic field of business administration. In the Masters program in business administration, MBA, the students can opt for a major in one of these exciting new specializations: Information Technology, Banking & Finance or Marketing. The duration of the MBA program is 16 months as there are no unnecessary semester breaks, which bespeaks the intense dedication of the management, staff and par excellence faculty. The computer labs of Preston University are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to give the students hands-on-experience and further enhance their computer proficiency and IT skills. The computer labs offer all major operating environments including Novell, UNIX, and Windows NT etc. Preston University has modern libraries at its campuses that together hold more than 60,000 volumes of books, journals, video and audio materials.

Since 1995, Preston University in Pakistan has also initiated Doctoral Degree Programs in a variety of disciplines like Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Development Studies, and Environmental Management. Minimum duration of the PHD is two years and it is a self-spaced, distance-learning program, which both Pakistani residents as well as students abroad can benefit from.

Despite its modest resources, the University offers over 500 scholarships each semester, of which 200 scholarships are awarded to freshly admitted students. All scholarship awards are made on a merit-cum-need basis. The scholarships are also offered to armed forces personnel or their children admitted to a program and all other government employees and their families. Above all the most important support service that the university provides to its students is in the area of job placement. The University provides extensive help to its students for securing internships and jobs. Consequently our graduates are quickly absorbed in mainstream businesses in the corporate world.

The capacity building Business Administration programs being offered at Preston University thrive on reducing the enormous gap between the escalating demand and lacking availability of competent and IT skilled business administration professionals in the national as well as the international job markets. The latest offering of the University the "MS - E-commerce" is guaranteed to create a paradigm shift in the existing status of the World Wide Web and capture the true potential of Internet and business on the web in Pakistan.

Preston University's scope is not restricted to the provision of business education only. It offers several other full-time morning and evening programs, including BS (IT), MS (IT), Executive MS (IT), Bachelor in Fashion Design, Masters in Fashion Design, Bachelors in Textile Management, Masters in Textile Management, Bachelors in Textile Engineering & Masters in Textile Engineering.