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Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2000

Established in 1955, the Institute of Business Administration is the oldest business school outside North America. IBA maintains the highest standard of education through its qualified faculty and brilliant students. IBA believes that the continuous development of professional and dedicated managers is the most important pre-requisite for the development of a country like Pakistan. IBA stands first as a business administration school not only in Pakistan but also in South East Asia. Graduates coming out of IBA over the last several decades have distinguished themselves as catalysts of progress for prominent private and public organizations as well as for the nation. IBA offers several programs in Business Administration, Management Information Systems & Sciences and Computer Science. The Center for Computer Studies (CCS) at IBA was established in 1983. It manages the huge computing infrastructure at both the campuses and offers computer courses for business administration students in addition to specialized academic programs in MIS and Computer Science. Revolutionary changes in Information Technology and its pervasive use for business advantage has prompted the introduction of specialization in Management Information System (MIS) at the Center of Computer Studies at IBA. In order to meet the great demand of IT professionals and managers in the country, Center for Computer Studies (CCS), IBA is offering following academic courses:

Bachelors in Computer Science (BCS)

IBA has recently started Bachelors in Computer Science (BCS) which is a three-year degree specializing in Software engineering. After completing their BCS, students can obtain an MBA (MIS) degree after an additional year of studies at IBA or complete their master's degree in Computer Science. Computer Science (CS) specialists are responsible for developing new computer technologies. They develop new computer hardware, software tools, databases and networking technologies. Software engineers are experts of tools and techniques used in faster, cost-effective and efficient design and development of IT tools and applications. They are designers, developers and administrators of computer hardware, software, databases and networking tools and techniques.

Computer Science (Software Engineering) Job Market

Computer Scientists with specialization in software engineering are in great demand in the local software market as well as in the international IT market. Entry level jobs are more technology intensive and require programming and systems administration skills. Jobs at the higher levels require greater computer science knowledge for comprehending and managing complex interactions in large systems. Top level jobs require abilities to manage large software projects with several teams consisting of scores of programmers.

MBA-MIS (Management Information Systems)

MBA (MIS) is a 2 years plus 2 months regular morning program aimed at preparing computer professionals with sound foundation in functional areas of business as well. The program offers a blend of computer and business related courses. The computer related courses provide training in the areas of Business Systems Design, Database Management, and Programming Languages. The business related courses cover areas in Management, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Quantitative Techniques and Business Research. MIS graduates have a clear career growth path. Graduates start with technology intensive jobs that become increasingly more business intensive up the ladder. Profile of MIS career growth from entry to senior strategic level consists of three career levels. Successful graduates start their careers as administrators or implementers and move very quickly to middle management levels as Project Managers, System Analysts, SW Managers, IT/MIS consultants, Networking Consultants and SW Marketers. MIS jobs at strategic level, which comes very early in their fast career path, are Chief Information Officers, MIS Directors, MIS Consultants, Reengineering Consultants, SAP/Oracle Consultants and EDI Consultants.

BBA (Honors) - MIS

IBA offers a three-year full time BBA Honors degree program with specialization in Management Information Sciences (MIS). The program consists of thirty-six 3-credit hour courses (total of 108 credit hours), which can be completed in three years. The curriculum consists of a balanced mix of computer and business courses. The students are required to complete a six-week internship during their final year. The program is divided in 6 semesters of six courses each as well as a mandatory summer semester. After the BBA Honors (MIS), students can enroll themselves for a one-year MBA - MIS program.

MIS Job Market

MIS job market consists of strategists, managers, designers, and implementers of IT solutions for gaining business advantage. At the entry levels, jobs are technology intensive, but they increasingly become business intensive at the higher levels. Entry level jobs are computer infrastructure administrators and programmers in the IT departments of businesses. Higher level jobs are often managerial and consulting assignments for computerization projects. Strategic level jobs relate to the innovative uses of Information Technology for competitive and collaborative advantage.

Center for Computer Studies also offers one and a half year Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, PhD. dissertation in IT, short courses and ERP using Oracle Financials and other ER;P tools.

IBA Vision of E-Commerce

Center for Computer Studies (CCS) IBA has played a vital role in promoting e-commerce awareness in the country by holding international conferences and seminars on e-commerce in collaboration with Govt. of Pakistan and corporate sector of the country. Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, deputy director CCS, has been very instrumental in formulating national e-commerce vision working as Head, Govt. of Pakistan E-Commerce Working Group. He has also played key role in developing National IT Policy, which has been designed to bring the country in accordance with recent e-trends in global economy.

IBA has a very clear vision for promoting e-commerce channels by promoting IT awareness both for Govt. and local businesses. IBA's academic excellence in business and technology related fields and large faculty & students talent pool enables it to continuously provide business technology guideline not only for Govt. but also for local entrepreneurs.

Student Activities at Centre for Computer Studies

All student activities at CCS are coordinated by BITS Club. The Club is active in organizing IT seminars and conferences that will specifically benefit the students of the CCS and provide them an opportunity to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of Information Technology.

Members of BITS Club were also actively involved in organizing the E-Commerce Conference recently. Besides various other activities are carried out through the committees and societies of the club that help the students to gain the practical knowledge of what they are taught at IBA & bring out the different qualities and abilities that they may possess in a useful manner & get some time out of the tough study schedules and engage in extra-curricular activities that are necessary for a fresh and healthy mind.

Office Bearers of the BITS Club

The Director of IBA is the President of all the student bodies at IBA. The other office bearers are:

Nasir Hussain Khadim           Vice President
Salman Ahmed Khan          General Secretary
Arsalan Yousaf Treasurer
Secretaries & Societies

Various committees and societies have been formed in order to coordinate all the planned events. These committees are supervised by the office bearers and are headed by the respective secretaries who are responsible to carry out the relevant events with the help of the other committee members.