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Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2000

Tehseen Feroz, Managing Partner of EfroTech Services, did his early education from City School, Karachi and received his Bachelors degree from Government Commerce College, Karachi. After completing his education, he joined at MultiTech Marketing Services as Marketing Director. In 1998 he joined EfroTech Services, leading Software, Networking and Web Development Company. During his professional career, he undertook various diploma courses in IT & marketing. Tehseen is active member of Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP).

The three systems being marketed by EfroTech are worth looking into. These are Financial Accounting System (FAS-2000), Sales Monitoring System (SMS-2000) and Time Management System (Time Tune). FAS-2000 is GUI based industrial strength accounting system designed for small to large size business. SMS-2000 is a system for sales monitoring and stock controlling. Time Tune scovers all activities related to time management.

PAGE: Why did you decide to enter into IT business?

TEHSEEN: There is saying 'charity must begin at home'. Following this we first tried to make Efroze Chemical Industries a paperless business entity or an e-corporation. At that time I and some of my colleagues were part of IT department of Efroze Chemical. Once we succeeded in doing this we got the confidence that we can help other business entities in becoming e-corporations, the first step towards e-commerce. Only those business entities who first become e-corporation can undertake e-commerce meaningfully and successfully. Today EfroTech Services is an independent entity. Incidentally Efroze Chemical was our first client also. We won this deal through a competitive bidding.

PAGE: What are the areas of specialization of EfroTech?

TEHSEEN: The activities of EfroTech can be divided into three distinct types which are: software development, networking and web designing. Put together all these activities are part of movement towards e-corporation and e-commerce. Keeping in mind the nature of business, departments involved and routing of information a comprehensive software is developed. Then all the nodes are linked through networking. Once a paperless environment is created the website is launched to connect the entity with other business partners and stakeholders.

PAGE: Who are your other clients?

TEHSEEN: After the establishment of EfroTech, we have started marketing our services to other clients. We have a very brief history but have some of the ace corporations in our portfolio. These include Adamjee Group, Jung Group, Habib Group, PNSC, Candyland and Prime Sites — the company responsible for advertising at Karachi and other airports. Besides this, through our Canada office we are soliciting software development orders but all the development work is done in Pakistan.

PAGE: What are your future plans?

TEHSEEN: Very shortly we will be launching a portal naming Sehat (health). By using this portal people will be able to find out the names of doctors who could be reached for treatment and in case of emergency, confirm their appointments with doctors, know more about common ailments and their remedies, etc. This is an elaborate and time consuming project but by the grace of Allah we are able to follow our schedule. We are also in the process of developing two more websites — Wish Pakistan and a shopping site. Through Wish Pakistan the Pakistanis living abroad and in Pakistan will be able to exchange greetings and e-mail. To this will be an added facility for sending gifts and bouquets.

PAGE: Some of your proposed activities will have to be supported by financial institutions, what has been the progress?

TEHSEEN: Sending gifts from outside Pakistan is no problem. We are in the process of negotiation with the banks to allow the use of credit card in Pakistan for payments. This is a rather difficult area and safety and security of credit cards/accounts is a prime issue, only a bank/credit card issuing institution can get permission from the central bank, which can ensure safety and security.

PAGE: What is being done by EfroTech to create awareness about e-commerce etc.?

TEHSEEN: The growth of our business is directly related to enhanced use of IT in daily life. Unfortunately the access to computer and its use is still confined to a few elites. To overcome the situation, the least we could do was to undertake free of cost networking at some of the colleges. We have already done this for Sir Syed Girls College, Home Economics College and Amna Institute. We also provided them free of cost consultancy for selecting the right type of hardware etc.

PAGE: What is your message to our readers:

TEHSEEN: Pakistan needs faster development to get rid of poverty, employment for all, higher per capita income. All this is possible if we are competitive in the global market. People should use information and IT to improve competitiveness and better marketing — what others are doing exactly.