Excerpts from an interview with Dean, College of Business Management

Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2000

The objective behind allowing establishment of higher education institutions in the private sector was to, create healthy competition with public sector institutions, increase the number and improve the quality of students graduating each year. Over the last decade a large number of institutions have been established. Their final product, graduates, compete in the job market. All these institutions, in their own way, are trying to meet the objective. Students seeking admission, come from different income groups, social background and the objective behind seeking higher education are different. The finished product, in spite of getting identical degrees have entirely different quality.

We at the College of Business Management (CBM) seek to ensure the best possible product. At the entry level, we take only a limited number of students each year. We do not believe in mass production we aim at highest possible quality. At an average one out of five applicants qualifies the stringent entry tests written and interviews. To impart quality education, we have the largest number of full time faculty members. We also have superior quality infrastructure, teaching rooms, library, and computer laboratories, etc.

Over the years, we have recognized that it is necessary to improve the quality of entrants. This year, we have introduced a four-year BBA programme. During the first two years, the students will be taught courses followed under the Cambridge A level system and in the remaining two years the courses for awarding a BBA degree. We believe that this will help in better grooming of the students and by the time they get the MBA degree, they would have spent a reasonable amount of time in a controlled environment. BBA students have the option to take the A level examination at the end of two years or to switch to the BBA (Hons) programme. Our mainstream MBA and MBA-Executive programmes are identical in terms of total courses taught. Since most of the people joining MBA-Executive programmes are in-service, they have already gained experience. Depending on their experience, they get certain exemptions, also available to day students. However, there is no relaxation in number of credit hours. We strongly believe that since at the end of the day both types get an identical degree they should also undergo the same rigorous process of learning.

The two services offered by CBM, internship and placement, are also aimed at providing interaction of students with the future employers to help them get a suitable job after graduation. In my opinion when students go for an internship in an excellent business entity, they also create an impression about the institution where they study. For the placement of outgoing students, we publish a directory, which is sent to the reputed employers. Over 95 per cent of students, by the grace of God, get jobs before they complete their formal studies. Through greater interaction with the business community we are also able to keep our curriculum contemporary to best serve the needs of business.

Keeping the needs of local business in mind, the CBM is planning to introduce sandwich programmes. Under this programme, in-service professionals will be able to attend 6 to 8 weeks specialized courses. A similar sort of programme will be offered to CEOs. We believe that learning is a continuous process and even senior professionals must come back to academic institutions to refresh knowledge and attain new skills.

CBM is the only Pakistani business school with a full-fledged research programme. The College publishes the country's only business research journal, Pakistan Business Review. We offer an M.Phil. programme based on sponsored research. The CBM has links with North American universities.

We believe that our efforts are being recognized by the business community. More and more graduates from CBM are working for leading national and international businesses. Many students have performed brilliantly and gone on to do further work at Harvard, Toronto and New York universities and others have joined and built successful careers at some of the best performing banks. We take great pride in being the recipient of the award from Employers' Federation of Pakistan in recognition of our services in the area of human resource development, in May 2000 . The success achieved spurs us to work even harder.