Excerpts from an interview with Dean, Department of Liberal Arts, Greenwich University

Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2000

Greenwich University, a familiar name for imparting BBA and MBA education, has introduces a new concept Baccalaureate. It is a comprehensive and rigorous programme spread over five semesters or approximately 21 months. This programme aims at preparing students for entry into Greenwich University for the MBA programme. It focuses on wide range of subjects taught at various American universities. Additional subjects, in different fields, have been included to enable the MBAs to specialize in certain areas, keeping in view the requirements of Pakistani business environment.

This programme is spread over 5 semesters of 12 weeks duration each. The subjects covered are English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies, Economics and Accounts, Computer Science, Political Science and International Relations, History and Geography, Commerce and Business Management.

A unique feature of Baccalaureate programme is a built in 'fast track' movement, whereby students who perform exceptionally well in a course will get advance credit. While the programme has been prepared for students who wish to continue their higher education at Greenwich, students leaving at the end of programme will be well prepared and qualified for entry into other centers of learning. All students completing this programme will be awarded a Baccalaureate degree by Greenwich University a fully accredited degree awarding institution.

Greenwich University was established by an Act of Sindh Government in February 1998. It is recognized and approved by the University Grants Commission as a degree-awarding institution. It is one of the pioneers of business education in Pakistan in the private sector. Founded over a decade ago Greenwich has become a synonymous for excellence in business education in Pakistan. With the rapidly changing needs of business Greenwich has striven to keep pace by taking the advantage of new technology and skills.

Greenwich University offers a variety of programmes to suit the needs of students and cater to the requirements of business community in the country. These include, undergraduate programmes, Bachelor of Science in various disciplines, MBA and MBA-Executive and Post Graduate Diploma programmes.

Greenwich considers education a life-long endeavour and develops its programmes to meet the needs of students and requirements of the business community. The University has made necessary arrangements to provide the students with needed facilities, superior quality faculty, computer labs, library and a sports stadium. Greenwich takes pride being one of the business schools which also believes that a broad liberal arts base is fundamental to intellectual growth. Students are sent to leading business houses for internship. Already a large number of Greenwichians are working at key positions.

One may wonder why Greenwich has introduced this programme and what is its contribution in MBA programme? We realized the disparity among the students joining our main MBA programme. We, at the University, believe that once the entrants, after completing high school education, go through Baccalaureate programme, they would enjoy the least disparity and learning will also become a pleasure. If a student does not have the basic knowledge about a particular subject then coping up with the normal courses offered in MBA programme becomes frustrating. This ultimately affects the whole learning process and GPA.

We also strongly believe that despite the increasing demand for specialization, an MBA needs comprehensive curriculum to acquire knowledge about the socio-economic fabric of the country, tools used in business and decision making. Imagine an MBA who does not have sufficient knowledge about economy of the country, the factors influencing political-economy and laws governing the business. Can he/she be a good executive and prudent decision maker?

Once a person gets his MBA degree and join a particular industry and also decides to acquire certain specialization, then only he/she should take the advance courses. Please also remember that the country needs business managers who have to ultimately become the decision makers. A decision maker has to keep the wider spectrum in mind which can only be developed by having knowledge about all the facts affecting the economy in general and influencing the business in particular.