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Time to re-engineer curriculum, standardize and control quality of graduates

Over the years the country has witnessed a mushroom growth of universities and business schools institutions. While the University Grants Commission (UGC) has been making efforts to improve the quality of education, the efforts should be more rigorous. It may be voluntary or regulatory through an autonomous agency other than the UGC. The aim of educational institutions should not be to produce maximum number of graduates each year, the objective should be to produce the highest quality of outgoing graduates.


Drastic increase in international prices and weakening rupee have pushed prices of newsprint to a record high for the local publishing industry. The worst hit are the small newspapers and magazines who prefer to buy the newsprint from the open market for reasons of pure economics. PAGE highlights the impact.

The agreement signed between the Civil Aviation Authority and fastfood chain McDonald's will help boost CAA's non-aeronautical revenues. The 30-year lease allows McDonald's to open an outlet at the Quaid-e-Azam International Airport Karachi and kiosks within the airport and will help earn CAA a minimum revenue of Rs 69 million per annum based over a fixed percentage of 5.75 on the gross turnover.

Self-Assessment Scheme
Self-Assessment Scheme 2000 has been announced by the government. With its unprecedented limitations and tough conditions, it started new debate among traders. Majority of tax payers have been excluded from SAS being not eligible for the scheme.

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