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By Syed M.Aslam
Sep 18 - 24, 2000

*** "WE'RE ALL DRESSED like seals in our wet suits. If one of them is hungry, they'll get one of us. I'll be playing the odds . . . I'll take my chances, one in 51."

(US triathletes, Hunter Radkewich and Hunter Kemper, commenting on the arrangements made to ward off sharks at Sydney Harbour)

*** "RARELY DOES THE INTERNET have such a direct economic impact on developing nations."

(Lou Kerner, the chief executive of DotTV, commenting on the gaining of UN membership by the tiny island nation of Tuvalu primarily orchestrated by selling of its internet domain address ".tv' to his US company)

*** "BUT WHATEVER SPORT I would have picked I would have been the greatest of all time."

(Boxing legend Muhammad Ali asked what sport he would have chosen had he not become a boxer on the start of his Australian tour prior to the beginning of Sydney Olympics)

*** "I MUST EXPRESS my disappointment with some of what I see in the press . . . There is money at work in some cases . . . People write deliberately wrong stories either for money or for political reasons . . . I have no desire to stifle the press although some of what had been printed in Pakistan would have justified stifling it 10 times over."

(General Pervez Musharraf expressing his dis-satisfaction about the lack of 'healthy criticism' at press conference in New York)

*** "WE HAVE NOT BEEN sitting on our butts as regards defense deals."

(Outgoing chairman of National Accountability Bureau, Lt. Gen. Mohammad Amjad, responding to a question at press conference that corrupt military officials alone had deposited one billion dollars in foreign banks from kickbacks in weapons purchase)

*** "*** "ALL THIS STANDS CLEAR testimony to the fact that the US is, indeed, the paragon of a rogue state."

(North Korean vice-minister for foreign affairs, Choe Su Hon, accusing the US of an 'insidious and cunning double-faced strategy' to prevent the meeting of his country's delegation lead by the figurehead president Kim Yong-Nam with their South Korean counterparts at the UN Millennium summit in New York. The delegation was subjected to a 'rude search' by the US airline forcing it to boycott the summit)

*** "WE STILL HAVE racism in various sectors of our country. But as far as I am concerned nobody can change my dignity."

(Former South African president Nelson Mandela saying that a screensaver on a police computer showing him changing into a gorilla proved that racism is still rampant in his country)

*** "THE MASK HAS fallen And the true face of Atal Bihari Vajpayee has been exposed."

(Senior leader of opposition Congress party of India, Natwar Singh, criticising the premier for remarks from the platform of ultra-communal Vishwa Hindu Prasad in New York. He said that Vajpayee's remarks had exposed the hidden and real agenda of his Bharati Janata Party)

*** "WHAT MY MOTHER did was wrong and she will pay a price for it through the legal system."

(US Congressman Patrick Kennedy on the charging of his mother Joan B. Kennedy, the former wife of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, for drunk driving)

*** "Al Gore waving around a report that he denounced at a Hollywood fundraiser just a year ago makes him a deserving candidate for an Oscar award in hypocrisy."

(Spokesman of Republican presidential candidate George Bush criticising his Democrat opponent Al Gore for warning the entertainment industry to clean up its act despite collecting over $ 13 million donations from Hollywood)

*** "THE PEOPLE WE ARE protesting against here will be the same corporations who are all over the Olympics putting their brands on what is essentially a corporate Games . . . We are blockading because people across the world are suffering under corporate-defined globalisation."

(Protestors at World Economic Forum summit in Melbourne)