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The Insurance Sector

The Insurance Ordinance 2000 announced last month is aimed at regulating the financial, administrative and the working aspects of the business at all levels to promote development of the insurance industry on professional lines and to offer better protect to the insureds. PAGE highlights the impact it would have on a business which remains still much involuntary in Pakistan.


Special Report
The current issue carries a special report on WAPDA-HUBCO dispute written by Dr. Anjum Siddiqui. Dr. Anjum is an Economist and currently associated with Hub Power Company as the Senior Advisor on Financial Risk Management.

A 10 to 15 per cent average increase in local retail oil prices seems inevitable in view of the formidable rise in international prices. The existing oil prices were fixed when international oil prices were $28 per barrel, which currently shot up to $33 per barrel.
The chain effect of the proposed increase however is a source of concern for the people in general.

Negotiations with the IMF
While there seems to be no major point of disagreement between the IMF and the current economic managers, the negotiations are taking slightly longer time. Besides, approval of funding is taking more time as the IMF, is getting too many requests because of high crude oil price affecting balance of payments of a large number of countries.

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