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"My mission is to benefit society" Asif Hassan



Sep 11 - 17, 2000

Dr Asif Hassan, having a honour of youngest Ph. D on record, recently working as an Associate Professor at Asian Management Institute (AMI). He has completed his Doctorate in Business Administration(Marketing) and MBA in Marketing from USA. He is also a co-author of book in marketing titled "Instant Marketing". He delivered many training courses on Marketing and Sales Management. In a very young age, he has a valuable experience of working at different prestigious organizations. His education, experience and creative approach helped him in his job. During his interview, he has given whole credit to the selfless dedication, efforts and motivation of his parents for whatever he is today. Following are the excerpts of his interview.

PAGE: What are your present activities?

Asif: These days I am working at AMI as an Associate Professor and teaching marketing and consumer behaviour. Although teaching is my priority but besides this I am working for the development of The Association of Marketing and Management Professionals (AMMP), which is aiming at providing platform for marketing professionals in Pakistan. I am also managing a consultancy firm which provides research, training and development services to the corporate sector.

PAGE: Despite having Ph.D in marketing and consumer behaviour, you are teaching principles of marketing at AMI, why?

Asif: I think if we provide sound and concrete base to the building then rest of the things becomes easy and reliable. Similarly I believe that strong base is the only way to ensure the quality education, that is why I am teaching Principles of marketing at AMI in order to provide strong base to the students for higher education in marketing.

PAGE: What prospects we have regarding marketing activities in Pakistan as compared to rest of the world?

Asif: I am not satisfied with the pace of marketing activities in our country. Unlike MNCs and big organizations most of local organizations are still stick to the outdated concept of selling the product. In countries like America, marketing is an engineered activity for the development and enhancement of companies' products, services and image. Contrary in Pakistan majority of companies do not realize the significance of this most important activity in business.

By applying marketing and analyses of consumer behaviour we can change the whole scenario of business paradigm in Pakistan. For the same purpose, our firm New Horizon was established with the core objective to provide solution to business problems and to grow as a diversified company by attaining total customer satisfaction. This organization is definitely contributing a lot with its diversified working areas like training and development, marketing research, business consultancy etc.

PAGE: Being an educationist, how do you feel the standard of education in Pakistan?

Asif: What standard you are talking about when I and my mother have studied from the same book. Standard of education in Pakistan is pathetically low specially for higher education we don't have many options. Right from very beginning, our student is bound to make "Ratta" rather than creative approach. So it is highly recommended that enhancement in education setup is essential otherwise no hope seems likely to survive. I really admire the education policy brought in by Federal Minister of Education Zubaida Jalal as there was no policy since 1979.

PAGE: It is a general perception that Private Institutes are born with the core objective of money making, what do you think?

Asif: I partially agree with you majority of them are practicing the same approach but there are number of other institutes which are producing a high quality output. Although they are very expensive but I will once again say that education in Pakistan is still comparatively cheaper than the rest of the world. They have a justification for high charges because they are giving better output and high rewards to their faculty members.

PAGE: Why did you decide to join AMI?

Asif: The liberty they provided me to perform my job was the main reason to join AMI, I am free to perform the job with my own way and convenience. I am not bound here to follow the restricted schedule, this helped me not only to give better education to my students but I can also manage my other creative responsibilities like New Horizon and AMMP too.

PAGE: Being the youngest Ph.D, what are your future plans?

Asif: Foremost being the faculty member at AMI is my biggest responsibility but in future development of New Horizons and AMMP are also in the top priorities of mine. I have completed my books on diferrent topics of marketing and consumer behaviour which are almost ready to publish. And first of all being the member of society I will continue to play my role to benefit the society.

PAGE: Any message to the readers.

Asif: I will just say that each and every second is a precious gift of Allah, time which has passed can never be back. So it is our duty to absorb the time honestly and earnestly as being creative to the society.