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The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is an organization that has been established by the Government of Pakistan to ensure development and implementation of a national policy framework for software and related services industry in Pakistan.
This week we are publishing the profile of PSEB and the interview of its Chief Executive.


Exchange Rate
Over the last twenty five months the SBP has been able to successfully manage the exchange rate through forex management policy and timely intervention. The other factors which have helped the country are financing arrangements for oil imports, no import of wheat and export of some of the commodities hardly exported in the past.

Crude Oil Price
While the persistent increase in crude oil prices may not pose a threat for forex reserves of Pakistan, it is bound to cause cost-pushed inflation in the country and loss of competitiveness of Pakistani exporters. On top of this recessionary conditions in Pakistan's major export markets may become an impediment in boosting exports.

After confirming the size of the wheat crop i.e. 23 million tonnes, one million tonne of wheat is being exported to Afghanistan while PASSCO has invited bids for another 200,000 tonnes for export purpose. The sale price of wheat for export has been fixed at Rs9000 per tonne. Market experts feel that before going for exports, the government should create a buffer stock of wheat to avoid any possible shortage next year. Shortage of sugar is a good example to learn a lesson.

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