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—The communication highway

By Qazi Asif Rashid
(Academic Head-Arena Multimedia)
Sep 04 - 10, 2000

Now that telecommunication networks are global, and as information providers and content owners determine the worth of their products and how to charge money for them, information elements will ultimately link up online as distributed resources on a data highway. Full text contents from books and magazines will accessible by modem and electronic link; feature movies will be played at home; real-time news reports from anywhere on earth will be available; lectures from participating universities will be monitored for education examinations; street maps of any city will be available and viewable, with recommmendations for restaurants in any language on-line travelogues will include testimonials and video tracks, invention of virtual cities that is not science fiction it is being implemented now. Each of these interfaces or gateways to information is a multimedia project just waiting to be developed in Pakistan.

What is actually Multimedia?

Multimedia is woven combinations of text, graphic art, sound, and animation and video elements. When you allow end user the viewer of multimedia project to control what elements are delivered and when, it is interactive media. When you provide a structure of linked elements through which the user can navigate, interactive multimedia becomes Hypermedia.

Application of Multimedia in Pakistan

Multimedia is appropriate whenever a human interface connects a person to electronic information of any kind. In Pakistan we can utilize multimedia in following areas.

Multimedia in Business — Business applications for multimedia include presentations, training, marketing advertising, product demos, databases, catalogues, and networked communications.

Multimedia in Training — Multimedia in training has become widespread. Artificial Simulated Training in becoming popular. Salesman learns about product lines and leave behind software to train their customers. Schools are perhaps the most needy destination for multimedia. Electronic Books, informative games are now in use.

Multimedia At Home — Eventually, most multimedia projects will reach home via television sets or monitors with built-in interactive user inputs. When the number of multimedia households increases from hundreds of thousands to many millions, vast selection of multimedia titles and materials will be required to satisfy the demands of this market and vast amount of money will be earned producing and distributing these products.

Multimedia in Public Places — In hotels, shopping centers, museums, grocery stores multimedia are becoming available at stand-alone terminal or Kiosks to provide information and help.

Virtual reality projects — Virtual Cites for flights will be no more out of our range. We can develop VR material now in Pakistan as well. With this we will be able to walk in artificial environment. We can experience look of object by rotating it in any direction.

Production of CD-Rom Titles — This is where we can explore lots of opportunities. We can now develop training CD's. Product CD's or even entertainment CD's in Pakistan.

Video Production — We can now utilize computer-generated effects in production of videos and audios. We have now expertise in animation and video production we can now enter in this field with big scope.

Other than above mention key areas you will find space for multimedia professionals in Software Development houses, Internet Service provides, advertising agencies, art schools, engineering firms, animation houses, Television Stations and many more.

This new world of opportunity is waiting

Multimedia is revolutionary and will change our lives. Markets are evolutionary, and consumers take incremental steps up the technology ladder. It will take about ten years for the multimedia seed we plant today to fully bloom.

Arena Launch Seminar of BIM Degree Program

Arena Multimedia, a division of APTECH Worldwide Inc. USA, a world leader in IT and Multimmedia Education with over 1500 centers in 32 countries Launch their Joint Degree Program "Bachelor In Multimedia (BIM)" in collaboration with Southern Cross University (SCU) — Australia.

Professor Bruce W. N. Lo Director, IT and Multimedia Department — SCU made a detailed presentation on the BIM Degree Program at the Launching ceremony held on 18th August 2000 at Hotel Sheraton — Karachi.

On this occasion Mr. Arshad Khalil Master Franchisee of Arena in Pakistan announced opening of 2 new centers in Karachi and 1 center at Lahore by the end of October 2000 making the total to 7 centers in Pakistan. He also announced that by the end of this year Arena would be operating with 10 centers in Pakistan giving affordable education to their students in IT and Multimedia.


The following information technology programs are being offered at IBA:

BCS (Hons.) - Bachelor's in Computer Science

BBA-MIS (Hons.) - Management Information Systems

MBA-MIS - Management Information Systems

PGD - Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science

It is relevant to mention here that IBA has been the hub of E-Commerce related activity by organizing Conferences and Seminars on the said topic regularly. Dr.Syed Irfan Hyder, the Deputy Director CCS-IBA is also currently the head of the E-Commerce task group formed by the Ministry of Information Technology, and has played an active role in framing the IT Policy of Pakistan.