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NCR has played a leading role in spreading the cause of Information Technology

From Shamim Ahmed Rizvi, Islamabad
Sep 04 - 10, 2000

The American-based Multinational dealing in software development, NCR Corporation (National Cash Register) in Islamabad on Thursday unveiled the details of 2nd NCR IT Excellence Awards for outstanding IT professionals in different categories in Pakistan. NCR IT Excellence Awards is a novel concept of recognizing people in IT industry at national level who have been instrumental in introducing, promoting and implementing IT in Pakistan.

Established in the city of Dayton, State of Ohio, U.S.A. in 1884, NCR Corporation today is amongst the leading Information Technology companies across the globe. NCR has been operating in Pakistan as a major multinational company since early 1950s. In its commitment to act as a responsible member of the country's IT community, NCR took the first step to launch IT Excellence Awards in 1997 as part of Pakistan's Golden Jubilee to recognize professionals in the Information Technology arena at a national level. In Pakistan, NCR is a leading IT company providing complete end-to-end solutions. NCR came into the field of Information Technology early 80's and since then it has made major progress in the country and have gained extensive experience in every sphere of IT business in Pakistan i.e. from Data Warehousing, Major MIS projects to Networking to extensive software development and project management, NCR's experience is one of the most diversified in the country.

Announcing the awards scheme Mr. Veqar-ul-Islam, country manager NCR Pakistan said that NCR has decided to hold this as an annual event and would recognize and acknowledge the achievements of IT pioneers of the past and present. The awards being associated with a company of world repute will go a long way towards increasing the motivation of outstanding individuals in the field of Information Technology. This will create a much needed talent pool of outstanding individuils, which will further promote the cause of Information Technology in Pakistan. He said the awards were open to Pakistanis living anywhere provided their invention or gain was Pakistan related.

NCR has called for nominations from individuals for the 2nd National Recognition Awards 2000 and the period for consideration is 1987-1995 & 1997-2000. Nomination forms alongwith details of each category is available at NCR Pakistan web site www.ncr.com.pk or at NCR offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Awards will be given in six different categories as follows:

1. Software Development: aimed towards recognizing individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills in developing a software which is/can be deployed both locally and internationally.

2. Software Export: This category focuses on individuals who have been instrumental in increasing the software exports of the country and have successfully marketed Pakistan's image as a quality exporter of Software

3. Networking: Focus is on recognizing individuals who have been involved in designing/implementing/propagating the Networking concept including the spread of Internet and other related technologies.

4. IT Pioneer: This recognizes individuals who have been instrumental in the spread of IT at any level within the country, be it an organization, community, Ministry etc.

5. IT Educationist: Specifically targeted to give a boost and motivation to the people who are involved in nurturing the talent of IT in Pakistan.

6. IT Research & Development: This category recognizes outstanding individuals who have played a role in developing new ideas, technology, techniques, products using R&D .

Separate criterias have been set up in each category as per the requirements of the industry (details available on NCR Web address or at NCR offices). The categories have been selected to cover the entire spectrum of IT arena, thus enabling the specialized effort in each category to stand out and be recognized. Besides, categories which are specific to Information Technology, an effort is also made to recognize the services of individuals who have played an instrumental role in spreading the cause of Information Technology in any organization or at a Country level. Such individuals will be recognized in the Category of IT pioneers. This year award ceremony will primarily focus on two different spans — one from 1987 till 1995 and the other from 1997-2000.

Speaking on the occasion, Veqar-ul-Islam said, "We hope that all the relevant quarters will join in NCR's endeavours to recognize professionals in this particular field and infuse national spirit to the cause of Information Technology. Continuing our efforts to promote IT in the country, NCR IT Excellence Awards will go a long way towards promoting the cause of Information Technology in our country and more importantly encouraging professionals to develop deeper association with the country, which recognizes their talents and capabilities in a big way."