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By Hanif Kalia
Aug 28 - Sep 03, 2000

Chairman Kalia Group, Mr. Hanif Kalia has termed IT as "the language of 21st century" and has said that without learning it, progress and prosperity is not possible.

Mr. Kalia clearly dwelled on two main objectives of developing IT in Pakistan. They are:

  • Pakistan’s future as a sovereign nation

  • Our economic revival

He emphasized that given the present circumstances, Pakistan is left with no alternative but to promote IT. He pointed out that the solution of our economic crisis as well as our existence as a sovereign nation and of course the future of present generation hinges on its quick development. He said if we want to break the vicious circle, we need to adopt the technology as soon as possible.

The Chairman cited the example of India, which has of late become a major IT player. He observed that India has recently increased its defence budget by a whopping 27% at the time when its software exports are around $5 billion. He questioned, "what shall happen when its exports would increase to around $50 billion a year by 2008 or so? And what alternate we would have been left with except to accept Indian dominance. "

Mr. Kalia stated that if India starts to earn the projected $50 billion per annum solely on software exports and we remain just silent spectators, it is not hard to imagine the scenario. He said, "if we don’t do anything extraordinary in this direction to match the same...shall we be able to live with dignity and honour." He said these are questions our government should ponder on and find solutions to on urgent basis.

Mr. Kalia also painted a grim but a very realistic picture of Pakistan’s economy which is faced with the worst economic crisis of its history. He said our foreign exchange reserves do not even touch the $2 billion despite foreign debts and grants. Morever, unemployment is rampant and rising inflation is making life unbearable for the common man. In such a scenario, he said, the government, private sector and NGOs will have to play a constructive role in the development of IT.B

Kalia Group’s role in IT development in Pakistan

Mr. Kalia gave a very lucid introduction of the three IT-related projects that are running quite successfully. They are:

JKalSoft (Pvt) Ltd


JKo-ordination Group

KalSoft (Pvt) Ltd. is a software house developing quality softwares both for the local and foreign market catering to fully developed and/or portions of outsourced softwares. KalSoft’s main concentration is towards exporting quality software that not only earns precious foreign exchange for the country but promotes Pakistan as an emerging software market. It is committed towards meeting the challenges of the future and giving it an IT edge.

KalPoint.com is a web site developed by KalSoft. It is a unique project in a sense that it provides free services in various categories from prize bonds to matrimony. When most of the e-commerce transactions are done B2B and B2C, Kalpoint’s has introduced the concept of C2C. Kalpoint’s objective: to create awareness about developing concepts of IT.

KalTimes, Pakistan’s first IT e-zine is a continuation of the vision of Kalpoint. It is not just a comprehensive guide on IT-related events and topics but a forum for people’s expressions of this field.

Ko-ordinatlon Group: Headed by the Chairman of Kalia Group, the Ko-ordination Group has been established to attain unique objectives in the fields of Education, health, housing and other welfare activities in phases. The objective is to educate and train the Memon community as well as the citizens on the whole so that they become successful IT professionals. IT, being the panacea for all social, economic and political problems has been selected for the Ist phase. IT education and training is a priority No 1 for obvious reasons. At the same time, emphasis is greatly on job-orientation.

The IT committee is headed by a leading professional and expert Mr. Abdul Ghaffar with 35 years experience in this field and ably supported by its Vice-Chairman Mr. Mohd Iqbal Kasbati, a senior Chartered Accountant with vast IT experience.

Reported by KalTimes