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Aug 28 - Sep 03, 2000

The viability of the vendor, with whom the customer will be entering in a close business association, is of major importance. Every venture of this magnitude has an associated risk factor and the customer would need to feel confident that the probability of success in achieving the desired objectives is high.

The following sections provide an overview of some of the functions, facilities and support offered by Computer Products Corporation as a vendor of Information Technology Products.

CPC in Pakistan

Computer Products Corporation was established in November 1992.

Effective January 1, 1993 Computer Products Corporation was appointed as Lexmark Representative in Pakistan by Lexmark International to market IBM products such as Typewriters, IBM/Lexmark Printers and Supplies for all IBM printers. Lexmark International Inc., a US-based company, purchased this part of business from IBM Corporation, USA in 1991.

Prior to CPC's appointment, IBM Pakistan was acting as distributor of Lexmark International in 1991 and 1992.

CPC made profit in the first year of its operations and enjoyed healthy growth ever since.

In 1997, CPC added more products such as Daewoo Personal Computers and Umax, and just a month ago CPC has added two more products MicroTouch Touch Displays and CNet Networking products to its product range.

CPC, being the Authorised Representative of Lexmark, Daewoo, Umax, MicroTouch and CNet has appointed more than 15 dealers / Resellers having offices in all major cities of Pakistan to increase the market share of its product-line.

Recently CPC has joined BSA (Business Software Alliance) to help customers against software piracy, as illegal software is threatening the core businesses. To continue its motto, CPC has become the Authorized Reseller/Partner of Microsoft Products in Pakistan.


CPC is authorized Distributor, Partner/Reseller of the following products and services.

  • Daewoo Personal Computers (Authorised Distributor)

  • Lexmark Printers - (Authorised Distributor)

  • Umax Scanners (Authorised Distributor)

  • MicroTouch Touch Screen Display (Authorised Distributor)

  • IBM/Lexmark Electronic Typewriters (Authorised Distributor)

  • IBM/Lexmark Supplies (Authorised Distributor)

  • CNet Networking Products (Authorised Distributor)

  • Microsoft hardware and software products (Authorised Reseller/Partner)

  • BreezeNet Internet Services (Authorised Reseller/Partner)

  • System Integration and Consultancy Services

  • Education and Training Services

Besides the above-mentioned products CPC also sells number of products of different brands to fulfil needs of the customers.


The information processing industry is one of the most advanced and rapidly growing industries today. A high quality of personnel is a must to ensure that the customers are professionally advised on the selection of equipment and applications, and the support that is required before, during and after the installation. These qualities are reflected in the professionals employed by Computer Products Corporation, as they have to support its own Dealer / Reseller channels. To provide system integration solutions, quality support and consultancy services, CPC has a good number of technical sub-contracted professionals on its list.

Maintenance and Support Services :

CPC, being the Authorised Distributor of Lexmark, Umax, MicroTouch, Daewoo and CNet has a well-equipped Engineering Workshop with adequate parts inventory, which is updated on regular basis, to provide Warranty and Maintenance Services.

CPC also offers yearly maintenance contracts. In case of extended breakdown, we provide backup equipment so that the customers' work does not suffer.

Education and Training Services :

Education and Training Services are new addition in CPC's Product-line. We have well-equipped education center with the training facility for the following courses:

  • Computer Concepts and Architecture.

  • Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 3.X/95/98/NT

  • Microsoft Windows NT Server

  • Novell Netware

  • Office Productivity Packages

  • Microsoft Office

  • Lotus SmartSuite

  • Graphics Applications

  • Lotus Notes/Domino Servers (Administration and Development)

  • Internet Tools

Location and Contacts :

Computer Products Corporation office is located at the following address:

Mehran Heights, 1st Floor, Block 8, Scheme 5,
Main Clifton Road, Karachi - 75600

CPC contacts are as follows:



575988, 572097, 5868781








Chief Executive


Sattar A. Shaikh

Manager Marketing & Support Services


Shahid A. Shaikh

Manager Administration


Salahuddin Chohan