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Aug 28 - Sep 03, 2000

A firmly established new program

Greenwich University has for some time now been running a unique and highly successful program aimed at catering for matric students wishing to pursue a career in business management related areas.

Conscious of the deteriorating quality of education throughout the country and the wide gulf between intermediate students and the requirements for a demanding undergraduate program, Greenwich has designed a completely fresh program for matric students. Based on the assumption that all students pursuing business programs need a firm base in language, mathematics and computers the program concentrates on these subjects.

Covering a period of five semesters of one and a half years in total all matric students enter a modular controlled course. In this all semesters have English courses leading to compulsory entry into TOEFL without which a student may not continue into the undergraduate program. Maths is studied for three semesters and computer studies for four.

Apart from the emphasis on "core" subject the program includes, Islamic studies, biology, Pakistan studies, sociology, geography, economics, psychology, accounts, commerce, ethics, business management and international relations. Thus students arrive at the start of an undergraduate program with a broad spread of knowledge enabling them to cope more effectively with higher studies. Furthermore there is an important feeling of continuity as this program leads into the undergraduate and graduate programs without break.

A unique feature of this baccalaureate program is a built in "fast track" whereby students who do exceptionally well in a course may accelerate through the program with advanced credit.

There is therefore an incentive for talent and also provision to place students in advanced courses if they enter with qualifications that justify acceleration.

Whilst the program is intended for students who are destined to move on into advanced programs at Greenwich, students leaving at the end of the baccalaureate courses will be well prepared and qualified for entry into other centres of learning.

All students completing the five semester program of 25 courses will be awarded a baccalaureate degree of Greenwich University, a fully accredited degree awarding institution.

The current Baccalaureate degree program at Greenwich University is proving to be most attractive to students who have passed matric and who are ambitious and foresighted resolved to structure their future on a foundation of practical achievement in the light of market demands.