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By Syed M.Aslam
Aug 28 - Sep 03, 2000

*** "BURGLAR PROOFING no longer helps. I had two watchdogs, but one was stolen and the other poisoned. Now I'm banking on the snakes."

(South African Danie Koster who believes that snakes and pythons make great security guards and uses them as such)

*** "PLEASE STAY ALIVE until I see you again."

(Teary South Koreans' saying good bye to their visiting North Korean relatives with whom they were reunited after 50 years)

*** "THE UNITED STATES wants what happened in the Soviet Union to happen here in Iran . . . Iran will never become the Soviet Union."

(Ayatollah Ahmad Janati accusing the US for trying to topple the Islamic regime in Iran)

*** "PETTY THIEVES ARE HANGED, but the big ones escape. Egyptians are concerned about the growing number of billionaires on the run. We regularly learn of a new businessman who is heavily indebted and has left the country."

(Egyptian press slamming billionaires fleeing the country leaving behind huge debts)

*** "WE DO NOT exclude the possibility of a collision with a foreign submarine which was on an intelligence mission . . . We will very likely see our worst fears confirmed."

(Vice-admiral Mikhail Motsak blaming the sinking of Russian nuclear-powered submarine 'Kursk' and killing of all of its 118 crew on the collision with a British intelligence submarine)

*** "PEOPLE IN BRITAIN will not put up with anyone who thinks she can be an unaccountable cross between first lady and Lady Macbeth."

(Opposition Conservative John Bercow accusing the wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair for interfering, and even trying to shape, the key government policies)

*** "THE SANCTIONS imposed on Iraq have produced a humanitarian disaster comparable to the worst catastrophes of the past decades."

(A UN report which accused the US for causing human suffering to the civilian population of Iraq resulting in 1.5 million deaths, the majority of them children)

*** "A HOUSE FOR EVERY FAMILY, that was a great success of Hitler's. Hitler had ministers with a sense for managing property . . . Many things were done really good for the Germans."

(Former Polish army chief and would-be president, General Tadeusz Wilecki, addressing an electoral rally)

*** "I AM NOT SURE the government wants to see me in court because I will prove that Robin Cook has lied . . . It's an absolute nonsense that in this day and age in Britain we have a law which makes it a crime to report a crime."

(Former British intelligence agent David Shyler who had accused the British Foreign Minister Robin Cook for involvement in a covert plot to kill Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi prior to his return from France. He was arrested at the airport)

*** "THE ECONOMY cannot continue as it is now, because growth for its own sake does not guarantee the development of human beings. To develop humans an economic and social revolution is necessary."

(Venezuela's populist president Hugo Chavez calling for abolition of large estates as he was sworn in for a six-year term)

*** "I AM SAYING I do not know whether these patients are alive. I am saying I do not know whether these patients can feel pain in some sense."

(Philip Keep, an anaesthetist at Norfolk and Norwick Hospital, who has started a controversy by saying that brain-dead donors feel pain and should be given sedatives during organ retrieving operations)

*** " $ 11.8 Billion."

(Value of arms sold by the US in 1999. The US remains the world's top arms seller followed by Russia whose arms exports totalled $ 4.8 billion)

*** "I PROMISED before that the trial will be held in late August. God willing, that promise will be met next week."

(South Jakarta Court chief Lalu Mariyun announcing the beginning of corruption case against former strongman Suharto)

*** "THE HOUSE would be so much emptier without the laughter of children. How miserable we would be if we have no children to look after us when we grow old and weak."

(Singapore premier Goh Chok Tong announcing monetary incentives to encourage couples to have children. The incentives are part of $ 1.86 billion plan aimed at stemming declining birth rates)